Casa Giulietta
Studio Forward

Casa Giulietta

Studio Forward als Architekten

A family-sized home, in which the different rooms are aligned by respecting the pre-existance of the apartment and the use of color, that becomes an expression of liveliness and a trait d’union for the different interventions. The recovery of the Sicilian marmettine floors and the original fixtures allowed us to obtain some interesting contrasts between the pre-existing and the original design, visible above all in the living room, where the French windows with different geometries reveal a previously fragmented , now unified, space. The brightness, which is the main feature of the house, has been enhanced by design choices in which the optical white in the vertical surfaces is interrupted by a precise use of color in furnishings and coverings, with the aim of giving each room its own specific identity. The interior design choices mix a minimal approach with tailor-made joinery solutions, supported by the choice of Artemide lighting accessories, to design spaces that have to accomodate objects, games, souvenirs and life stories.


Material Used:

1. CERIM – Bathroom Covering – Maps Collection

2. RAGNO – Bathroom Covering – Eden Collection

3. ARTEMIDE – Lights – Tolomeo Mega, Castore, Demetra

4. FOGAZZA – Kitchen Covering and Flooring

5. PAFFONI – Bathroom taps

6. SABA – Sofa – Essentiel

In diesem Projekt verwendete Produkte

ElementMarkeProduct name
Sofa – EssentielSaba Italia
Bathroom Covering – Eden CollectionRagno
Lights – Tolomeo Mega, Castore, DemetraArtemide
Bathroom taps Paffoni
Sofa – Essentiel
Bathroom Covering – Eden Collection
nach Ragno
Lights – Tolomeo Mega, Castore, Demetra
nach Artemide
Bathroom taps
nach Paffoni
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