Home spa for attic master room

Home spa for attic master room


Home spa for attic master room

CARIMALI design shower_space als Hersteller

Bathroom area dimension: 3800 mm long, 2400 mm wide Tiled wall: 2100 mm long, 2300 mm high This remodeling project shows how it is possible to turn an attic space into a Home spa with all wellness solutions for your shower space.

The project aims at making showering a pure pleasure characterized by Italian elegance and design.

Starting from MySlim ultra-thin shower head, the wellness sensation is guaranteed as it reproduces the rain jet on your skin and gives you the sensation of being shrouded by a relaxing and reinvigorating rain.

Enjoy refreshing personal spa treatment with all wellness accessories, such as lateral body jets and waterfalls that vigorously massage your body muscles where emotional stresses often manifest themselves.

Lighting plays a critical role. For this, it is important to ambient lighting around the bathroom for a sense of calm. CARIMALI design shower_space offers a chromotherapy system able to recreate a real lights wellness that shrouds the entire body and the surroundings wall by giving a psychophysical wellness. For instance, pink that has a pleasurable and soothing impact on emotions and spirituality or orange that stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm.

Our chromotherapy kit is suitable for false ceiling or islands made of plasterboard. The LEDs supply a double function: chromotherapy and white light for (110 lm included) that could be turned on with a switch control or a remote control. The kit could be also directly connected to a standard switch button or home automation systems.

The project also tried to contrast chromotherapy effect and natural light coming from the round windows in order to obtain spectacular contemporary chromatic effects.

And for a complete relaxation, enhance your psychological and physical well-being with aromatherapy and music devices. Aromatherapy kit includes three fragrances from plants and flowers calming nerves and the music device plays your favorite playlist by connecting itself to your device via Blutooth. Minimal and elegant, each element of this shower system is also very practical, easy to clean and requires little maintenance.


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