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FurnitureArper SPA
Furniture manufacturerDe Vorm
Cala ArmchairKettal
PendantLee Broom
Lottus Stool, Mare Sofa - black leatherEnea
Model 61 - bar stoolErik Buch

Cala Armchair
Lottus Stool, Mare Sofa - black leather
Model 61 - bar stool

Non-Schengen KLM Crown Lounge

concrete als Architekten

concrete is proud to reveal the complete new KLM crown lounge design at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. appealing non-typical design, with the ambition to be the most attractive airport lounge in the world


Today marks the opening of the complete lounge; therefore, concrete happily shares the full design and design story behind the KLM crown lounge. The new lounge is a home for global travellers, a destination on itself, a collection of characteristic spaces inspired by KLM and its Dutch background and local heritage. Part one of the refurbished KLM crown lounge, consisting of Polder, Dutch Mountain and Sky has been in use since December 2018, while the City and Sea area were still in development.


Quirky design meets with the latest technologies and high-end service requirements. The new lounge design concept perfectly fits the brand's strategy and growth potential, as the new lounge caters almost double the size - 6800m2 - and seats - now up to 1500. The House of KLM marks the entrance of the new lounge: a two-storey high, Dutch house with stunning views over the runway. It contains a marble welcome desk that, together with four light globe pendants and light sculpture in the shape of the crown, which form a giant abstraction of the KLM logo. The house is reached by two escalators, surrounded by walls made of a spectacular collection of more than 5,000 famous KLM Delft blue houses (collectables).


concrete designed the two-storey high lounge divided into 5 different areas, inspired by the Dutch landscape. All the spaces are connected by a sunset light wall sky: a 110 metres long LED back-wall mimicking the colours of the ever-changing sky during one day.


The five different areas all cater to different customer wishes and needs:

Polder – lounge area, to work and relax. A spacious seating area based on a typical Dutch landscape with straight lines kept in natural colours of polder green. Large seating islands, polder benches with integrated real green. A gigantic light wall forms the back wall of the Polder, simulating the ever-changing Dutch sky.


Dutch Mountain - to be inspired and entertained; co-working area, TV room, DJ booth which exhibits a journey through Dutch design. Here, the name is the program; Dutch creativity and humour are displayed on the Dutch mountain, a giant wooden, liveable staircase which connects the Polder on the first with the Sky on the second. Various landing platforms offer places to linger around, two-storey high display cabinets present an impressive collection of established and upcoming Dutch design(er)s, all supervised by the DJ who has his position at the very top. At the top of the stairs, Delft blue tiles based on images shown in the airline's safety video mark his backdrop. An intimate screening room folds down the mountain and also hides the smoking carve, where smokers can enjoy their smoke around a giant pill-shaped ashtray. Behind the Dutch mountain, remote seating niches are placed for all nomadic business people who have to work concentrated or have a conference call.


City – the dynamic heart to eat and drink with a coffee bar, kitchens with live cooking, a Heineken Bar plus a Dutch art exhibit - every niche is represented by a Dutch museum. The City is the vibrant heart of the lounge with active seating around the various &B points.


Sea - to refresh and recharge with sleep cabins, showers and sensory reality cabins. The Sea is the most remote, relaxed and quiet part of the lounge. Here is where you free your mind, escape to concentrate or let your mind flow. Spacious lounge seating, a laid back variety of the polder benches, invite to rest, whereas the niche seatings along the wall offer a quiet workspace to concentrate. The floor consists of a custom made carpet, celebrating the Dutch sea in all shades of blue. Via the resting area, you have access to the refresh and deep rest areas; spacious showers and (paid) sleeping chambers for those who need to recharge and fight jetlag in between flights.


Sky - for fine dining and drinking, including a high-end paid restaurant and bar 'Blue', where customers can enjoy a signature menu composed by Joris Bijdendijk of RIJKS®, Rijksmuseum's Michelin star awarded restaurant; an exquisite cocktail menu, a cheese cabinet, beverage room, private dining rooms and outdoor terrace with a breath-taking view of the runways.


Dutch culture, design, humour and traditions play a lead role and can be found in little details throughout the lounge; a Dutch Mountain, decorative sheep made from KLM uniforms, a disco-ball, dj-booth, a large outdoor terrace, vintage-style suitcases as a note to the airlines heritage, display cabinets along the window showcasing vintage KLM items from the archives, curiosities and Dutch designers all find their place. The KLM crown lounge can be found in the Non-Schengen area at the Holland Boulevard between gate E and F.



KLM house the entrance area of the lounge in the shape of a typical dutch house held in KLM blue also visible from the runway

KLM welcome installation A three dimensional giant KLM logo (abstraction of a crown) is placed in the house in front of the stunning view of the runway. With an all-sided white marble welcome desk as the base of the crown, 4 giant translucent light spheres as the crown jewels, and a giant translucent cross-shaped lamp above it all.


collection of KLM houses The spectacular collection of 5.000 KLM Delft blue houses (collectables) on glass walls guiding the guests up on the escalators.


poldersofa’s Benches in the Polder Lounge are designed as an island shape in black leather, the seatings can be separated by pieces of the backrests which can be pulled down and function as dividers and little tables for drinks and snacks. Each back of the bench has one leather button in its centre with the KLM logo embossed in it. The centre of each polder bench between the various backrests is finished with a walnut veneer. On it, Sansevierias are placed, typical Dutch grandmother plants.


sunset light wall 110 metres long continuous light wall, programmed to simulate the Dutch skies at any time of the day to help guests get in the correct timezone. This light wall which gives the lounge a second, artificial façade, is realised together with the Dutch company LedSign.


polder & sea flooring Over a 1000m2 dutch landscape abstracted into a custom tiled carpet flooring in shades of polder green (for the polder lounge) and shades of sea blue (for the sea lounge). The carpets are realised together with EGE carpets.


cloud carpets The booth seating arrangements in the Sky Bar, with leathers sofas and armchairs, stand on custom made carpets featuring the clouds of the Dutch sky in different conditions. The carpets have been realised together with EGE carpets.


dutch furniture A unique collection of carefully selected Dutch Designed furniture come together. All-time classics like Rietveld's Utrecht armchairs and the 201’s by Gispen stand together with the next generations, the durable Chubby Chairs by Dirk van der Kooij,, the playful Clay Collection by Maarten Baas, Poldersofa by Hella Jongerius and lights by Marcel Wanders and Piet Heijn Eek.


dutch mountain The cabinets showcase a variety of the best product designs of the established and upcoming Dutch Design world as well as some KLM heritage items. Felt plants by Wandschappen, colonel selection of Polspotten, Tulipvases by Bas van Beek, Clocks by Kiki van Eijk and the vases by Studio Thier&vanDaalen are on display.


light sculptures sky Customised light fixtures, with names of KLM destinations, hang above the bar in chrome and above the restaurant in brass.

KLM crown lounge

Kettal als Cala Armchair

Project KLM crown lounge, published by Kettal.

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Category: Lounges 

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