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The most important element, but often overlooked in an office space is lighting. Lighting has the ability to change and affect the way a person performs and interacts within the work space. Poor lighting may cause eyestrain, headaches, and it can also affect productivity while too much light can create a glare that will cause these same symptoms.

The goal was to illuminate the entire space while avoiding casting shadows and the increase of temperature coming from the light. With LED lighting, these goals are achievable. 

We wanted to provide an utterly unique and thoughtfully designed lighting source for Lamborghini Miami’s Headquarters. Creating a more energetic interior combined with visual effects of dynamics and depth, the goal was to create a unique experience not only for the owner but for the customers as well. 

A good way to add brightness and life to an office is to focus on the details. We added LED Linear Lighting under the back shelves to give out a better sense of depth and attention to the interior. Also installed LED Linear lighting on the side of the desk, as an architectural detail, it also resembles the clean and sleek lines of the luxury cars showcased outside in the showroom. 

LED Downlights are not only sleek looking, but also functional by design. They are also more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, and thus better for the environment. In addition, with their low voltage, LED downlights provide higher safety standards compared to halogen. In all, LED downlights save you money, have a longer life, are better for the environment, and are a safer option especially with VONN’s rigorous safety standards. 

These are placed in the ceiling for a seamless look, and are typically used to provide general illumination. 

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