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Bali, Indonesia
Ryan Robson


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Melali is based on traditional Balinese family compounds. Enclosed by a stone clad perimeter wall, with the temple in the north east and the communal spaces in the centre of the property the buildings have been arranged and constructed to create a feeling of breathability, tranquility and ease. The design respects the local climate, context and building traditions. Melali has been designed with luxury and comfort in mind, a keen attention to detail and contemporary building systems have been used to provide a high level of amenity whilst feeling simple, relaxed and respectful of the traditional building techniques used in Bali.

Built with a modest budget using local craft and materials the design was developed following a study of local building techniques. This achieved a high quality of finish and successful build that was completed without any significant delays by allowing the local builders to do what they do best with minimal instruction during the construction phase.

The project includes a one-bedroom villa with a private pool in an enclosed garden, a main villa containing two bedrooms and a communal living area and TV/reading room and a staff building containing a kitchen, staff quarters and a small apartment for the owners.

Designed with the clients in Melbourne, communication during construction was conducted using Viber and Skype. The clients shared hundreds of photographs during the construction phase to allow TWA to monitor progress and recommend possible ways to resolve details and items to pay close attention to in order to avoid issues during construction.


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