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ElementMarkeProduct Name
FlooringForbo Flooring Systems
Marmoleum Solid, Eternal wood
Rockfon® Blanka™, Chicago Metallic
Solid surfaceGetacore
Frosted Star, Dolomiti White
FabricVyva Fabrics

Rockfon® Blanka™, Chicago Metallic nach Rockfon
Solid surface
Frosted Star, Dolomiti White nach Getacore
Silvergar nach Vyva Fabrics

GROUP A designs sustainable interior concept for Service Apotheek 

GROUP A als Architekten

The largest and best-rated pharmacy formula in the Netherlands has moved into its first concept stores. GROUP A was commissioned by franchise organization Service Apotheek to design the interior identity within the brand positioning of strategic design agency Fabrique. An identity with at its core, the unique knowledge of the pharmacist and personal service. The design introduces the hospitable experience into the interior of the nearly 500 affiliated locations. Service Apotheek Epe and Eindhoven are the first locations where the new interior concept has been realized.

Introducing the service experience
With the rise of large, international online parties, it is important to make the added value of Service Apotheek visible. Why do you visit the pharmacy? Is that still necessary if it also can be done online? The new visual identity of Service Apotheek focuses on the unique knowledge of the pharmacist and personal service. This requires an inviting environment that enhances the dialogue between pharmacist and client.

New pharmacy layout
GROUP A's design redefines the layout of the conventional pharmacy with transparency and acoustic privacy as the starting point. In a clear zoning-concept, distance is created between the consultation and public area, to ensure the privacy of the client. As the counters are designed as stand-alone elements, the client no longer stands in front of a barrier, but can stand next to the pharmacist during consultation. Free sightlines, from the entrance to the pharmacist’s domain, ensure contact between client and pharmacist. 

From lively entrance to neutral pharmacy domain 
The routing smoothly guides the visitor from the entrance, through the public area, along the product displays to the consultation area. At Service Apotheek you are welcomed into a warm, inviting and friendly atmosphere with round corners and natural materials. The modular sofa, upholstered with a variety of blue fabrics, invites you to take a seat in the public area. The counters and consultation room are the defining feature in the design and crucial to the feeling you get from a visit to the pharmacy. They are clear and tidy, but not too clean. Open and transparent, but with enough privacy. This is where a neutral environment announces the technical and professional domain of the pharmacist. A sophisticated lighting plan and good acoustic measures offer a pleasant working and customer environment.

Sustainable interior concept
GROUP A has developed a circular, modular and flexible concept that can be applied to all existing Service Apotheek locations. From small to large, from new building to monument and from concept store to simple renovation. The interior components, such as promotional furniture, modular benches and planters can be used independently. If possible, the existing furniture of the pharmacies is sustainably reused. For example, a counter is remodeled, pharmacy cabinets are covered with new foil or a bench is reupholstered. The element matrix serves as a palette where the ambition and size of the pharmacy are quickly compared with the possibilities and investments. 

At Service Apotheek you are welcome. You feel it and you notice it. In how you are welcomed, how you collect your medicines and in how you talk to the pharmacist in a pleasant environment.

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