Winery Valke Vleug
Koen Van Damme

Winery Valke Vleug

Vincent Van Duysen Architects als Architekten

Vincent van Duysen Architects have embedded the project in the existing landscape and pay tribute in a contemporary way to the typical old agricultural buildings in the rural area of ​​Klein Brabant. The most important common factor of asparagus cultivation and viticulture is that both require a linear planting and ensure a horizontal image in the landscape. They gladly responded to this and let the buildings enter into dialogue with the landscape.

Vincent van Duysen always look for clues in the tradition in a contemporary way.
The dark wood and steel of the roof volumes form a "shelter", these elements refer to the old truss constructions that are typical for sheds. The dark colors contrast with the green character of the fields. 

Fundamental aspects of a Flemish farm and the concept of a square farmhouse were retained as a starting point. The project has several parts that form a hierarchy: a main building with multipurpose use for the production of wine and a tasting room, outbuildings for agricultural equipment and a dwelling.

The architects' approach is defined by the use of pure and tactile materials that result in a clear and timeless design.  Their attention goes out to a purity of aesthetics. The use of concrete and wood in this project contrasts with the landscape. Concrete is the the foundation of the buildings. The dark wood is a reference to the wooden structures in old barns. The surroundings, the courtyard and the entrance square are paved in lava rock that connects with the earthly environment.

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