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Projekt • By Palomino Arquitectos EstudioPrivathäuser

VQR-18003 - S'ANELL

Located in the coastal area of Bendinat, Mallorca, S'Anell is a detached house with unique features and shapes. A project full of curves and vegetation that shapes the different spaces and offers a new architectural vision of traditional constructions. A play of geometric elements that creates a feeling of greater amplitude, harmony and interpersonal connection.  Tomeu Canyelles Tomeu Canyelles We have reinterpreted the cloister as the central distribution element of the house. An area that is connected to the adjoining spaces by its oval characteristics. In this way, we have created an open, circular courtyard that promotes constant communication between the different spaces of the house, while respecting their independence... Mehr

Projekt • By DP ArchitectsBüros

Zhixin Tower

Sited within the Nanjing Jiangbei Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park (NJITRIP), Zhixin Tower comprises two 100-metre-tall office towers, five 24-metre individual headquarters and an integrated facility centre. Designed by DP Architects, the project delivers a stunning modern workplace development that not only caters to the diverse and ever-changing needs of science and technology enterprises. It also realises a wellbeing-centred environment that promotes connectivity, communication and a sense of workplace community.  DP Architects DP Architects The proposed architectural scheme achieves these through strategies for flexible office spaces, greening of the development, provision for interactive public spaces... Mehr

Projekt • By 3ndy StudioPrivathäuser

Sliding House

This house is made up of two architectural volumes, one of them is rectangular and makes an L with the other trapezoidal volume, which assures a correct solar exposition for the most lived-in rooms. 3ndy Studio 3ndy Studio The large living room with the kitchen, which is located at the lower floor, creates an only open space which is opened towards south-west through big windows, while the services zone is set on the north. 3ndy Studio 3ndy Studio The southward windows face towards a shelter covered by a sliding curtain. The volumes are characterized by sticking out parts, made of natural covering materials. This house has a nice style and design, even in the most daring decisions,and it fits perfectly with the way of... Mehr

Projekt • By SOMAARestaurants


Das „Champa“, ein vietnamesisches Restaurant, befindet sich mitten auf dem zentral gelegenen Lindenplatz in einem allseits verglasten Glaskubus inmitten der Outletcity Metzingen, umgeben von den Outlets der großen Sports- und Fashion Stores von Nike über Marc O‘ Polo bis hin zu Prada und Armani. Zooey Braun Trotz seiner exponierten Lage fügt sich die eingeschossige Kubatur harmonisch in die Umgebung ein. Die Fassade spiegelt die Vegetation entlang des unmittelbaren Bachlaufs wider, wodurch eine harmonische Verbindung zur Natur entsteht.  Zooey Braun Eine mächtige, rot leuchtende Wolke an der Decke, die sich über die gesamte Länge des Raums erstreckt, bildet einen verbinde... Mehr

Projekt • By 3ndy StudioWohnlandschaft

More House

Inside Village Pereri, located  at a few steps from the center of Fossò, near Venice, there is a new place to live, in an area served by public transport and in contact with nature, connected with the city bike path and equipped with spacious green areas and a playground for children with places dedicated  to rest and relaxation.  3ndy Studio MoreHouse stands for a new concept of home, a new design , a wide selection of new homes for every need, for everyone: singles, couples , families with children . All in complete independence. 3ndy Studio Services : the new units have large parking, each house also has its own garden with car parking places , in addition to the double garage. The living units : extrem... Mehr

Projekt • By Articolo StudiosPrivathäuser

Lynch Residence

"A restrained palette bring focus to the materiality of our design. The triangular shape of the land influenced our North facing floorplan that invites natural light into the home. Stone pavers begin internally and continue through the outdoor space and into the pool. Martina Gemmola Martina Gemmola Natural materials give the family home a sense durability and relaxation. Thoughtful landscaping functions to compliment architectural details with growth and evokes a laidback European lifestyle." - Copy via Casa 62 Martina Gemmola Martina Gemmola Mehr

Projekt • By ImprontaPrivathäuser

Casa ZM

Casa ZM is an essential structure with minimalist lines, sorrounded by the Paduan countryside. Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello Behind a wall shielding its privacy, slowly reveals the house, whose natural materials, demarcated in color, allow the architecture to become part of the landscape. Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello The exterior functions, covered by canopies, are articulated around the central stucture of the villa, in which the interior rooms are enclosed.  Alessandra Bello Alessandra Bello A brighter living area houses minimalist solutions to set off the bold character of the materials chosen: wood, stone and aluminum repeated internally and externally to create a cont... Mehr

Projekt • By ImprontaPrivathäuser

Casa LV

House LV was born from the desire to enhance matter and volume. Located in a quiet environment in the province of Venice, the structure consists of a single double-storey volume with contrasting materials.  Silvia Possamai Silvia Possamai From a compositional point of view, there is a relationship between the reinforced concrete used in the porch - a material interpreter of contemporaneity - and the irregular brick cladding - symbolizing the building technology of the place and the history of the house - enhancing the perimeter walls of the house. Silvia Possamai Silvia Possamai Casa LV aims to be a "machine à habiter" where it is possible to grasp the rhythm of time through the continuous change of natura... Mehr

Projekt • By Articolo StudiosPrivathäuser

Goldsmith House

"The dwelling has been designed to foster an environment of considered sophistication and aspirational style through judiciously considered materials and colours. Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft The interiors feature a cohesive visual language of materials and design elements." - Words by Brett Winchester via The Local Project Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft Spacecraft Mehr

Produkt • By Focal PointLia


A sophistacated acoustic pendant with an air of mystery.   Lia brings together a sophisticated design with high-quality lighting and superior acoustics to render any space more inviting and inspiring. PET felt fins surround a powerful light engine, resulting in a light and airy volume that transforms at every viewing angle with light peeking through, resulting in shadow and transparency effects. Lia is offered in three sizes - nominal 3', 4', and 5' diameters - and two nominal heights of 12" and 18", so it scales to fit in a variety of interiors and makes a statement on its own or clustered. Lumen outputs from 2,000lm to 17,000lm make the luminae suitable for a variety of applications, including high, open ceilings.  Caption... Mehr

Produkt • By Articolo StudiosArticolo Loopi Single Wall Sconce

Articolo Loopi Single Wall Sconce

Loopi is a romantic interpretation of linking fingers and the youthful sincerity of a ‘pinky promise’. Mehr

Produkt • By Articolo StudiosLoopi Double Wall Sconce

Loopi Double Wall Sconce

Loopi is a romantic interpretation of linking fingers and the youthful sincerity of a ‘pinky promise’. Mehr

Projekt • By Storm ArchitectsEinzelne Gebäude

Haus Am Flusswald - Exclusive waterfront villa

Brief Unsere Aufgabe bestand darin, ein außergewöhnliches Zuhause für eine Familie zu schaffen, das in einem ruhigen Kiefernwald entlang des Flusses liegt. Das moderne und minimalistische Haus nutzt natürliche Materialien, die sich harmonisch in die Umgebung einfügen. Storm Architects Storm Architects Konzept Die architektonische Vision dreht sich um zwei große Volumina, die durch einen lichtdurchfluteten Wohnraum und eine Überdachung miteinander verbunden sind. Diese Überdachung bietet nicht nur ein visuell ansprechendes Profil, sondern erfüllt auch praktische Zwecke, indem sie Schatten im Erdgeschoss spendet und den Schlafzimmern im Obergeschoss Privatsphäre bietet. Viel Ve... Mehr

Projekt • By Pereda Han EstudioWohnungen

Edificio Corredor

Located in the city of Chihuahua, in the Panamericana neighborhood, a strategically positioned area with abundant infrastructure, Edificio Corredor is situated on an irregularly shaped plot of 60 m2, adjacent to a gym that previously housed an underutilized warehouse lacking ventilation, lighting, and a connection to its surroundings. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz This warehouse space has been transformed into a small to medium-scale multi-purpose building with the purpose of reversing the deterioration of the area and the trend of displacing housing for commercial purposes. Enrique Portillo Delfoz Enrique Portillo Delfoz The building consists of three flexible units. The ground floor has been designe... Mehr

Projekt • By Studio ETNWohnungen


Planning a five-room apartment, a total of 130 square meters We were called to design an apartment in a typical Jerusalem building, around green cypress trees in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood in Jerusalem. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography The apartment was originally divided into a living room and a kitchen connected in one long, unlit space and four more rooms, while the parents' room had a covered balcony, a small closet, and a cramped shower room. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography We were asked to keep the number of rooms, of which to create a playroom, a pampering master bedroom and lots of storage solutions. Eitan Cohen interior design | Gidon Levin Photography Our goal wa... Mehr