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Projekt • By Elval ColourBüros


The new Project Fabryczna, a complex of five office buildings with commercial and service space in the center of Krakow, Poland.   This complex of office buildings is part and parcel of the Fabryczna City concept, which involves the revitalization of the former Polmos industrial plants in Krakow. Fabryczna Office Park is a complex of A-class, high-rise office and service buildings, consisting of three sections (B1, B2 and B3) with a two-story underground car park. The Contemporary building not only have to comply with the highest design standards, but also must meet the latest technical requirements in the fields of sustainability, energy efficiency, noise protection and fire protection. The building dressed with etalbond®A2, tha... Mehr

Projekt • By Modaam ArchitectsWohnlandschaft

In search of lost yard

Dictionaries are the books of forgotten words. Forgetful societies leave more words day by day to these forgotten books. Megalopolises are the cruel initiators of this forgetfulness. Alireza Behpour They fade joyful words in their daily commotion. Words like Garden, House, yard,... And We – the inevitable residents of these large cities- search these words in our everyday envies. In search of lost “Yard” Is a hopeful attempt to recall these “yards” which are lost among the municipal codes, parking ramps and the graey mass of buildings. Alireza Behpour While accepting the building codes and resuming the sustainable Architecture and Urbanism principles, we try to improve the fragile situation of the e... Mehr

Projekt • By Modaam ArchitectsMuseen


This museum   intends to exhibit the rich historical heritage of Iranian medicine science and the capabilities of Iranian scientists of this field. These include the exhibition of Iranian herbs, historical medical objects, introducing the historical Iranian health and medicine specialists, and other related information and objects. Alireza Behpour Dating back to at least 2500 years, Persian Garden is an architectural concept, which has lived strongly within    Persian culture for ages. In a museum, which tends to exhibit the achievements of Iranian medicine science, using this concept through another language and expression is a logical option. Everything in the museum, even the design itself, is in service of presentin... Mehr



The house is located in a residential area in the interior of the province of Valencia, next to a high quality natural environment, reinforced by the presence of the Golf Course that borders the plot.  The entire programme of uses is developed on the ground floor, organised into three independent volumes, clearly visible from the outside. The Studio, with excellent views of the Golf Course, is the only room that rises to the first floor.  Adrián Mora Maroto The three main volumes are subtly raised from the plane of the landscaped ground, improving the long views, giving greater privacy and increasing the possibilities of ventilation. The three pieces have different heights, responding to the needs of the interior pro... Mehr

Projekt • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivathäuser

Vivienda unifamiliar en Villaviciosa

Located in Villaviciosa, Asturias, this weekend home adapts to the surroundings of the place, making the most of the views offered by the Asturian landscape and the conditioning factor of being in a floodplain given its proximity to the Villaviciosa Estuary. It is a relatively flat plot of approximately 3000m2 with a slight slope as it approaches the riverbank. Matérea Arquitectura The owners, a middle-aged couple from Madrid, were looking for a home where they could get away from the hustle and bustle of the city of Madrid and enjoy a break in Asturias. Some of the express requests by the couple was to be able to enjoy various types of spaces for reading and to be able to get contact with the natural landscape that surrounds i... Mehr

Projekt • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivathäuser

Reforma integral en Cabueñes Gijón

The house is located in the Cabueñes area belonging to the city of Gijón. It is a residential area very close to the city center, characterized by its large green landscaped areas between chalets and urbanizations. In this comprehensive reform intervention, the objectives are set to rescue the property by improving the distribution, enhancing the spaces and unifying the materiality of the house. Matérea Arquitectura After these considerations, it was decided to incorporate the kitchen space into the living room, so as to increase the spatial sensation of spaciousness and make it a part of the most social area of ​​the house. An island is incorporated that defines the area of ​​each program and allows a smooth tran... Mehr

Projekt • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivathäuser

Reforma integral en Oviedo

The property is located in an area of ​​single-family homes close to the center of Oviedo. It is a building built during the 90s that over time has been changing owners and undergoing different modifications made by its tenants, which caused a complete disconnection from the original project. The property has a large estate with enviable views of Mount Naranco and the city of Oviedo. Therefore, one of the primary objectives is to enhance the connection of the home with its surroundings. Matérea Arquitectura Matérea Arquitectura The house had small openings which made it impossible for light to enter, in addition the different spaces were very compartmentalized and created useless corridors. This was a point required... Mehr

Projekt • By Matérea ArquitecturaPrivathäuser

Vivienda unifamiliar en somió

This detached 350m2 single-family house is located in the city of Gijón in the exclusive area of ​​Somió, distributed over three levels to adapt to the pronounced orography of the land of approximately 2000m2, and to take advantage of the incredible views that the plot presents towards the Universidad Laboral. and the Cabueñes area. Matérea Arquitectura Its owners, a young couple with the intention of starting a family, wanted a house in Somió where light and views prevailed, as well as a program that would reconcile work and family life. Given the particular orography of the land, three levels are created on which the house sits. A first level of access and open, spacious and comfortable garage, a s... Mehr

Projekt • By Mário Martins AtelierPrivathäuser

Casa 27

Casa 27 is situated on a spacious plot with a privileged view, it stretches away to the eat, across the intense green, slowly downward as it plunges into the Alvor estuary and its many different tides.  © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG The idea was to choose a natural, textured material for the cladding at the base. A vivid material with some volume, to blend with the surrounding landscaped garden, but also to offer greater lightness to the smooth plastered volume, which are the blank canvas and the backcloth of the house. © Fernando Guerra / FG+SG A very rich chromatic material was chosen for Casa 27, which conveys the force of the soil and ages with integrity: Santa Catarina solid bricks, made artisanally, set into ran... Mehr

Projekt • By Architecture CounselKrankenhäuser

HQ Toronto

HQ Toronto is a welcoming health centre in downtown where all gay/bisexual men, trans, and non-binary (GBTQ) people can receive comprehensive, holistic person-centred services that support their physical, sexual, mental, emotional, community, spiritual, and social well-being. Occupying more than 9,000 sq. ft. on the eighth floor of a heritage-designated building, originally designed as a commercial office space, this renovation/retrofit project is the first facility of its kind in Canada and positions our city as one of the leaders in this new model of holistic care. All great designs tell a story. For the Ontario HIV Treatment Network’s HQ Health Centre, Architecture Counsel was tasked with relating the story of gay/bisexual men, tr... Mehr

Projekt • By Chaparro Ceccato ArquitecturaKommerzielle Landschaft

Plaza San Pedro renovation

 Plaza San Pedro, in Villaverde del Río, is located outside the southern edge of the historic center and is crossed by one of the pedestrian arteries that articulate the urban fabric, Avenida de Santa Teresa. It joins two important areas: the historic center and the San Sebastián neighbourhood, the first major expansion of Villaverde del Río during the 20th century. This site offers unbeatable potential as a meeting point for citizens. Manolo Espaliú The previous configuration of the square, its architectural barriers and the existing building, made it difficult to use, leaving it underused, residual and, ultimately, lifeless. Due to the mutations of the urban plot, the municipal food market, a buildin... Mehr

Projekt • By SCDAPrivathäuser

KL House

In the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur House is a place of retreat from the city. The landscape, architecture and interiors keep the environment, culture and climate of the site well into consideration throughout the design process. Each component of the design is broken down to volume, line and plane, maintaining inspiration from classical architecture and design.     The Kuala Lumpur House is a sequence of both interior and exterior spaces, informed by light, material and the clarity of structure. The façade of the residence is nothing other than structured and aligned. The rigidness of the architecture is contrasted with the materials and the proportions that clad building and wrap around the landscape. T... Mehr

Projekt • By Dazhou And AssociatesGeschäfte

Corner pavilion

Corner Pavilion is located on a pedestrian street by the West Lake in Hangzhou. It is a small building designed by Dazhou And Associates commissioned by the coffee brand M Stand. The street is crowded with people, and the site which is less than 100 meters from the West Lake, is defined out by three ginkgo trees. Wen Studio Sculpture and Support With three simple geometries supporting the heavy metal roof volume, the building stands like a sculpture on a busy street. It opens up in all directions, so that there is no obstruction at eye level except for the necessary structure, and you can look at it and then through it. Wen Studio Shelter and Platform We want it to be a space to enter and to stay. During the design process, we... Mehr

Projekt • By samo architect studioWohnungen

Pixel Residential building

Pixel, a five-story house with a different skyline ... As the home is the most basic starting point for man and his physical understanding of the world around him From the architect's point of view, seeing this design, a definition of a house should be made in mind In this case, the architect has designed the house according to the child's simple view of the word "house". Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Mehr

Projekt • By Newick ArchitectsGemeindezentren

'r kids Family Center

‘r kids is an agency that works with foster children to re-unite them with their biological families. Newick Architects Newick Architects This is an addition to an existing one story masonry building. Because of its tight urban site our second-floor cantilevers over the parking creating a roof garden where a typical construction volume would have been. The third floor is the storage loft that we could not technically build as a basement. The principal street façade is constructed of 81 aluminum tubes with sloped wood panels and the windows in between. The building interacts with the environment in complex ways. Tim Nighswander Newick Architects Mehr