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Projekt • By The wall design studioWohnungen

Apartment in Vake

Apartment is in the center of Tbilisi, most prestigious district and it has views to Vake park. The main task for designer was to create very colorful and calm space at the same time. Billy Bilikhodze photography Billy Bilikhodze photography Billy Bilikhodze photography The apartment is located on the 7th floor of a multi-story multifunctional building  The total area of the apartment is 210 sq.m. It Has an entrance hall, 2 bedrooms and 1 master bedroom with bathroom, 2 bathrooms, separate kitchen, living and dining rooms are together separated with electrical fireplace with water vapour an LED lights in the middle of the area. The Fireplace is equipped with water reservoir and an evaporator turns water to a mist &... Mehr

Projekt • By bobo spaceWohnungen

Interior Design of Modern Residence House "Life"

A spacious two-room apartment was designed for a young girl. Initially, the apartment had an isolated bedroom and an irregularly shaped kitchen-living room. The owner wanted the apartment to have as much air and light as possible. To do this, we separated the bedroom space from the hallway and the kitchen-living room with the help of a glass loft partition, thereby visually uniting these rooms. It is now possible to isolate the private space from the main daytime zone with the help of a thick curtain running along the glass partition from the side of the bedroom. Anna Kutilina We corrected the incorrect geometry of the kitchen-living room by organizing a dressing room with a laundry area in the back of the room. We also hid a tall pen... Mehr

Projekt • By YOOLOPP architecture&designPrivathäuser


A Total renovation for an existing house, of a 75 square meters in size plus a balcony, in Hod Hasharon, Israel. Karin Ravena The existing house purchased by the customers included 2 bedrooms, half a room enclosed by a plasterboard partition, two kitchen spaces, a general bathroom, guest toilet and a balcony. It was clear that the existing division of the house as well as its condition at the time of purchase require a complete renovation in order to adapt it to the needs of the new tenants as well as to take care of many systems that were already old and damaged. Karin Ravena The tenants, a couple with a baby on the way, had some important points set as goals at the beginning of the planning process. A move to renovate as quick... Mehr

Projekt • By Francesca Lo CascioRestaurants

Noz Brigadeiria

Truffles? Cupcakes? No, Brigadeiro! What is Brigadeiro?BRIGADEIRO is a very traditional sweet from Brazil, made of condensed milk and powdered chocolate, but for Brazilians, "brigadeiro" is much more than a simple sweet, each bite reminds them of their childhood. Of Brazilian grandmothers and mothers spending hours in the kitchen preparing small sweets for kid's birthdays, and the delicious smell that quickly permeates the whole house and the joy everyone experiences while eating them! Brigadeiro tastes like love, affection, and happy memories! That's what you find at NOZ. The joy of the Brazilians, a sweet that will fill you with happiness! It is a place you were looking for to enjoy a hot terracotta cup of tea while delighting your palate... Mehr

Projekt • By Studio ZungWellness-Zentren

Studio 26

A complete interior design renovation of a multi-functional training, wellness space/Pilates studio in Chelsea, NY. The open, and airy space, high ceilings, and incorporation of natural light functions as a retreat and encourages a calming, meditative atmosphere. The design includes a subtle, bright color palette and natural elements, bringing the outside in. Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Photography: Adrian Gaut Mehr

Projekt • By Studio ZungPrivathäuser

Maison Meadowlark

A ground up design and build of a modern seven bedroom primary residence incorporating sustainable design principles built for an international family of four. The concept revolved around the need for environmental sustainability while having plentiful communal spaces to create ease for a vibrant family and their guests. Equally important was that the private spaces functioned as a retreat. Adrian Gaut Adrian Gaut Natural light creates shifting patterns on the opposing wall of the glass paned hallway leading from the main house past the guest bedrooms and to the master suite. Subtle color palette and interior design use contrasting tactile elements to create an environment of luxury and accessibility. The views of the pool and ga... Mehr

Projekt • By shenakhteh studioGehäuse

gelekoh villa

gele koh villa on a 680 m land with limitations such as occupancy level, occupancy and employer demands, based on an outside and inside interaction approach, privacy, control and pulling the green space into the building through failure in the work body. , Creating multiple pop-ups to continue visual communication from inside to outside of the building and vice versa, thereby dimming the boundaries inside and outside and extending the horizontal part of the first floor body to the outside with the help of a console-designed structure and the use of a roof rack as an element. Caption Active to define the second level of life and not just as an inactive element to interact with whatever The more inhabitants above ground level.Private vi... Mehr

Produkt • By sofSURFACES Inc.duraTRAIN® Rubber Fitness Tiles

duraTRAIN® Rubber Fitness Tiles

You built your facility to last. Protect your investment with duraTRAIN rubber fitness flooring tiles by sofSURFACES. When we developed our fitness tile over ten years ago, we set our sights on a sophisticated, interlocking yet attractive flooring solution to handle any heavy use environment. Today, duraTRAIN Rubber Fitness Tiles are being rigorously tested in Division 1 schools and fitness facilities all over the world. At 1.25” thick, duraTRAIN delivers the best in sound and shock insulation and was engineered to maximize comfort, durability, fuctionality and visual appeal. Mehr

Projekt • By Arizon DesignSupermärkte


CITYFARM - JINHUI is located on South Jinhui Road in Shanghai. This is where the Koreans in Shanghai gather. A variety of Korean commodities and supermarkets are concentrated in this district. Facing with the fierce business competition, The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen hopes to  build CITYFARM as a supermarket providing values different from common sense. Dirk weiblen Design Concept: HARVEST TIME This is a place for family gathering. The pristine landscape is as if telling us: During the four seasons of one’s life, only with hard-working cultivation, will the joy of harvest be everlasting. Dirk weiblen There are two parts in this project: Grand Barn Terrace, Collecting Mirror Farm Walking into CITYFARM - JINHUI, the f... Mehr

Projekt • By Arizon DesignDie Einkaufszentren


The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen is aware that the current large shopping malls are rarely building communities with a sense of belonging. The new generation of youngsters possess a consuming demand different from the past. The commercial form that merely provides shopping will no longer attract consumers to keep coming back. Especially under the circumstance that e-commerce has a great price advantage, the commercial entities nowadays have to create the experiences e-commerce can’t provide so that profit can be made for survival in this era. Therefore, the designer is expecting to build VITA GREEN BLOCK A into a small scale yet full of wonder place with brand new consuming pattern based on customer experience. Shen-photo Every one... Mehr

Projekt • By Arizon DesignGeschäfte


As the old saying goes, the phoenix is flying to the high mound with tweeting and the Chinese parasol treegrows as energetically as the sun. The poet regarded phoenix and Chinese parasol tree as the symbol of noble and unsullied character. It’s the very origin of  WOO TUNG BLOOSSOM.  Shen-photo In the project, The Architect Mr. Junwei Shen comes up with the concept “ Light & Shadow ” at the very beginning. The light made the simple space variousand the illusions of the 3-D space appear as well. That is to say, the light lets the space changeable and mysterious. The trees provide people space to live in. So, in the relationship between human and nature, the trees play an important role.  Shen-pho... Mehr

Projekt • By KUBE ArchitectureWohnlandschaft

Casa Blanco

A young couple, in anticipation of starting a family, desired a new family home that reflected their cultural background and individual taste. He was Spanish, and was drawn to black and white minimalism. She was Mexican, and wanted splashes of color in a modern home. Caption Caption Their existing home in the Maryland suburbs was small and dark, and did not take advantage of the views to the green parkway behind it.  The design solution included razing the existing house, keeping the basement, and building a new 2 story home with a double height living space open to views and abundant natural light. Flanking the living space on two sides are kitchen, and TV lounge on the main level and bedrooms on the upper level.  C... Mehr

Projekt • By LXABars

Jones the Grocer - West Palm Beach

Creating a further twist on the Jones the Grocer design language. Bright and airy, but still able to transform by night to a more intimate venue. The space is essentially split into two sides, with a relaxed coffee shop for shorter stays on one, with a bar and woodfired pizza restaurant on the opposite. Full glazing on most elevations give fantastic views to the beach side location, the perfect spot for a sundowner. On the café side an impressive overhead structure ‘contains’ the oversized brass dome lights, a concrete counter creates a buzzing atmosphere within the space while light timbers are used throughout. The opposite side of the venue housed the woodfired pizza oven and bar. Similar copper finishes are used throug... Mehr

Projekt • By Qiarq . arquitectura + designWohnungen

Casa Gueli

The starting point was an apartment with excellent sun exposure, intended to be practical and versatile, capable of changing according to specific client needs and situations. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia The interior wooden shutters are the main elements of this house, capable of responding to these changes. Allows have the kitchen open to the living room, as well as hiding it. Shows an office space integrated into the living room, but it also allows to hide it at the end of the day when you want to relax without thinking about work. As well, creating a privacy barrier against the curious eyes of someone unknown who knocks the door. Carolina Delgado Fotografia Carolina Delgado Fotografia Nat... Mehr

Projekt • By Ákaran ArchitectsBüros

Atrin Office

When ATRIN asked us to redesign their office, the idea was to create a blank canvas and start from scratch. All the walls were torn down so that the space could be maximized with transparency continuity and a flood of daylight to provide better working ambience. From the furniture pieces to the artworks, everything was designed and made. Towards the end of the project, over casual tea with our client, we learnt about a large collection of colorful vintage clocks they owned. We proposed to display the collection as a wall of clocks both as a centerpiece for the office, and a means of dividing the main space into foyer and workspace without completely blocking them from one another. Moeen Afzalkhani Moeen Afzalkhani Moeen Afzalkh... Mehr