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Projekt • By ColdefyStädte

National Pulse Memorial and Museum

The Competition  Launched in March 2019, a unique two-stage global design competition, led by the independent architect selection firm Dovetail Design Strategists, garnered 68 submissions from 19 countries. The submissions were narrowed down to six finalist teams who developed concept designs for a public exhibition and comment period that took place in early October 2019.  A blue-ribbon Jury comprised of onePULSE community members, civic decision-makers, global thought leaders, and world-renowned architects selected Coldefy with RDAI | HHCP following a public viewing and comment period in early October. Informed by over 2,300 comments from victim’s families, survivors, first responders and the public, the Jury felt their d... Mehr

Projekt • By BCW CollectiveKulturelle Zentren

Bivacco Brédy

Bivacco Bredy is the winning proposal from an invited competition organized by YACademy and Cantieri d’Alta Quota on behalf of the Brédy family. Developed by BCW Collective, the design is a specific solution for a high altitude site in the Italian region of Valle d’Aosta, near the Laghi di Dzioule, two small alpine lakes at 2500m elevation in the secluded Vertosan Valley. The competition sought detailed designs of a bivouac to celebrate the memory of Claudio Brédy, a well-known politician and alpinist from Valle d’Aosta who tragically lost his life in a climbing accident at the end of 2017. Inspiration from the life of Claudio Brèdy and the mountains he was so passionate about motivated the memorial architecture quality... Mehr


Homeland Memorial

Fabijanić formed an integral city square from the southern front of the Main Railway Station to the Vukovar Avenue, doing away with the traces of periphery and remains of the industrial zone, envisaging a railroad under the ground there as well. The central portion of this ample square is intended for the memorial – a composition of several elements lined up from the north to the south: The Wall of Light, at a certain distance the Altar-Mensa and the Portal-Pavilion, which together constitute a place of official, protocol-regulated reverence. Laterally stretches a dense green wall of yew trees and serene lawns. The green wall does not partition but stress, the square is overseeable and open. The Wall of Light is inspired by the authe... Mehr

Projekt • By Leonardo MarchesiErbschaften

Taoudenni's Memorial

Long caravans starting from Timbouktou have reached Morocco following the Azalai Route for thousands of years. An army of camels was raised and conducted through deserted lands, strong sandy winds under the most extreme temperatures on the planet, to trade gold for salt, the whole journey lasted 2 months on average. In a time when the salt stone was the base for conservation of food gold was something easily invested for the benefit of storing food. Caravans reached Taoudenni to get loaded with salt stones to be then carried to Sigilmassa and therefore Europe. Taoudenni is the name of the land that is located in the salt basin of the north of Mali, the thousands of pits been dug in the ground for centuries makes Taoudenni one of the big... Mehr

Projekt • By E.F-ArchitectsParks/Gärten

Shrine for Ab-o-Atash park

Abbas abad renovation company as part of a series of urban executive & urban planners in 2015 , in the form of a call to contest shrine in ports and maritime organization park located in Tehran .The issues of this project were as follows :-Designing the mosque as a religious symbol of the park.-Project as an icon.-Connection with surrounding nature.-including worship space and compulsory space of 200 square meters.The objective of design team were as fallow :-Attract the audience as the urban space (symbolism)-provide exquisite form and change the worship typology(Form)-Respond to the need if the project(Performance)Given the above objective the design procedure began with critical thinking for the concept of worship spaces,the concept... Mehr

NachrichtenNachrichten • 31 Juli 2020

Adjaye Associates honour the life of Cherry Groce with new memorial design in Brixton

In Windrush Square (Brixton, UK), Adjaye Associates has designed a memorial to honour the life and legacy of Cherry Groce, who was shot in her home by Metropolitan Police in front of her children on September 28, 1985. Paralyzed by the shooting, Cherry passed away as a direct result of her injuries in 2011. For the 35 years that followed the shooting, Cherry’s family and community have worked continuity together in the pursuit of truth, justice and better society.  The memorial is commissioned by the Cherry Groce Foundation. Courtesy Adjaye Associates Sir David Adjaye’s vision for the memorial aims to create awareness and understanding of the life, strength, and experience of Cherry Groce and her family. Cherry’... Mehr

Projekt • By Noiz ArchitectsStädte


Proof of Concept project for next generation of verticalcity                                        Shibuya Hyper CAST. 2 is a showcase of most cutting-edge urban innovations combined into one building. Shibuya CAST., an existing development designed by noiz, has been an urban lab of mixed function and culture located in the middle of one of the hottest areas in Tokyo. This hypothetical project has started for the 5-year memorial celebration of the CAST., to project future possibility of the building, the area, our society, and potentially a form of future city. It demonstrates how cities of the future could be structured and operated. The project is based on urban studies in the area of mobility, social welfare, administration, funding, se... Mehr

Projekt • By L&L Luce&LightAusstellungen

The Violins’ Forest

Beim FuoriSalone 2019 war L&L Luce&Light als technischer Sponsor der Kunstinstallation „Der Geigenwald” vertreten. Die Installation wurde vom Architekturbüro Piuarch entworfen und umgesetzt und war im Rahmen des Events INTERNI HUMAN SPACES im Ehrenhof der Universität Mailand zu bewundern. Das Werk nimmt auf den ungemeinen Wert der Haselfichte mit ihrem Klangholz aus dem Fleimstal Bezug, einem der bekanntesten Täler im östlichen italienischen Trentino. Die Baumart wurde bei dem Unwetter vom 30. Oktober 2018 stark in Mitleidenschaft gezogen. An diesem Tag ging ein unschätzbares Naturerbe verloren: darunter der Wald von Paneveggio, au... Mehr

Projekt • By Edition OfficeGedenkstätten

For Our Country

For Our Country, is the inaugural National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander War Memorial, commissioned by the Australian War memorial (AWM) and located on Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country.   The work provides a space from which to contemplate and commemorate Indigenous connection to country and the sacrifice that Indigenous serving men and woman have made in the protection of their country. A basalt stone field outlines the outer face of the memorial, establishing a collective gathering space defined by a two-way mirror glass veil which captures the landscape and the viewer within a cloud of mirrored lenses. This reflection is seen to exist on the other side of this veil, establishing an empathetic othering whereby a viewer can wit... Mehr

Projekt • By Ujjayant BhattacharyyaFriedhöfe

A sanctum of narratives and memories

The project is a Multi-faith cemetery whose intent and design is based upon core aesthetic, volumetric, phenomenological and ritualistic principles in an attempt to understand the cohesive inter-relationship between faith and sacred architecture. The site is in Thane, Maharashtra, India. The site sits along the banks of the river Ulhas. Thane is left with few places for burying the dead. Over 25 active proposals to repair and renovate crematoria in the city have been pending with the civic body for over two years. To meet the increasing demand of Thanekars for more burial grounds, the Design allots space to different communities and religious faiths. The design seeks to radically challenge the notions related to Architecture that deals with... Mehr

Projekt • By FCStudioWohnungen

Nova York Apartment

The New York Apartment´s project, located in the city of São Paulo - Brazil, is the result of a creative process that took into account important conditions. Pedro Kok Pedro Kok The family, consisting of a couple and two young daughters, before movingto this apartment, lived in the Netherlands for 8 years. Thus, constant references to Dutch culture and design permeated the composition process, so that the family would continue to identify with its own home. Pedro Kok Pedro Kok In addition, we considered the specific logistics of the four residents' routine, categorizing the spaces according to the real needs of each one. Exclusive suites, one office and a playroom arose because of that. Pedro Kok P... Mehr

Projekt • By Bristow Proffitt Architecture and InteriorsBibliotheken

Scoville Memorial Library

Dieses Projekt befasst sich mit der größeren Frage der amerikanischen Haltung gegenüber der Restaurierung historischer Strukturen.  Die Scoville Memorial Library zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass sie die erste öffentlich finanzierte Bibliothek in den Vereinigten Staaten ist. Die Aufgabe bestand nicht einfach darin, die Uhr zurückzudrehen: Es war ein unerschrockenes Bemühen der Treuhänder, vorwärts zu drängen, um das Alte freizulegen und zu feiern und gleichzeitig dem neuen Werk unserer eigenen Ära Gewicht zu verleihen.   Einschnitt und Einfügung: Über einer abgehängten Decke fand das Bristow Proffitt Studio ein prächtiges Tonnengewölbe, an dem ein tanzende... Mehr

Projekt • By DesignIncBibliotheken

Mitcham Memorial Library

Libraries are rapidly evolving from spaces of collection to places of connection. The Mitcham Memorial Library Redevelopment embodies this progress with the revitalisation of an aged and constrained library building into a vibrant facility embracing the digital information era and community engagement.   The redevelopment transforms the library into a place for residents, local businesses and the wider community to come together. The existing building was substantially refurbished and extended (doubling in size from 750m2 to almost 1,500m2 to open up new opportunities for community recreation, learning and collaboration. The renovation creates meeting places, quiet zones and training rooms plus dedicated children's, youth and technol... Mehr

Projekt • By GWWO ArchitectsBesucherzentrum

Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center

The design for the new Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center, The View North, expresses the importance of traveling northward to escape the circumstances of slavery through an integrated site, building, and exhibit design. GWWO’s design has created a comprehensive visitor experience that begins the moment visitors enter the site from MD 335, continues through the visitor center, and culminates as they tour the memorial garden. Conceived as a series of abstracted forms that can be interpreted in many ways—from the farmstead vernacular of the region to stations along the Underground Railroad—the new Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad Visitor Center immerses visitors in the story of Tubman’s life. Joined... Mehr

Projekt • By Studio EirajiGedenkstätten

Omran Sq. Memorial of New Sahand Town

Javad Eiraji, founder and principal architect of Tehran-based design and creation studio, STUDIO EIRAJI, with his young designer team; Mona Rezaei, Elnaz Tofighi, Golsa Zerangi, Shaghayegh Behrooji and Shima Noori, has finished his latest urban-architectural design for Omran Sq. Memorial of New Sahand Town in East Azerbaijan, Iran. This project has been designed according to the traditional and Islamic geometry and patterns which has been changed to the 3d volume by especial form editions. Paying attention to the culture, creativity and identity are some especial factors in this design. The geometric pattern has been used both in the main volume and basement of the memorial. Creating a live and peaceful space for users is one of the othe... Mehr