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Projekt • By ID StudiosBüros

Mission Federal Credit Union Headquarters

ID Studios and BNIM were selected to design Mission Federal Credit Union’s new campus headquarters. Their goal was to create a workplace that is connected to life’s important moments and create a permanent home base for them to rely on. The entire campus was renovated keeping in mind their core values of Integrity, Service, Teamwork, Trust and Communication into a tangible environment for their employees and visitors to interact with on a daily basis. Joel Zwink Joel Zwink BNIM focused on the unification of the two main buildings and creating meaningful outdoor amenity and gathering spaces. The property Mission Federal Credit Union selected for their new home, provided the ideal opportunity to create a connection... Mehr

Projekt • By Between the wallsBüros


Grønligrotta is one of the most visited caves in Norway. Its scale and beauty can hardly be exaggerated. Working on this office with a ceiling height of 4 meters, we were inspired by Scandinavia and its natural resources. Caption We started from the desire of our clients to create a minimalist space with sophisticated sophistication. Therefore, our ceiling is decorated with lamps that, like stalactites, create an entourage and arouse admiration. In addition, marble and wood textures are traced in the interior to complement the feeling of unity with nature in this space. Caption Caption From a functional point of view, the office meets all current trends and needs. In addition to the reception, the director's office,... Mehr

Projekt • By Design Associates NakamuraBüros

Office in Shimabara

The site overlooks Shimabara Port and Mt. Unzen, so we planned an office where people can work while enjoying the view. By slanting the exterior wall, we planned to block the view from the street while at the same time securing the view. ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo The rhythm of the slanted exterior walls and random openings create a facade design that is not monotonous but varied. The slanted exterior wall also changes its expression with time.The slanted exterior wall plays the role of a niche in the interior, and by randomizing its size and position, a space with change was created.  ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horikoshi / SS Tokyo ©Keishin Horik... Mehr

Projekt • By CSMM - architecture mattersBüros

CSMM, Dusseldorf

CSMM – architecture matters is continuing its recent growth streak. To meet the demands for more flexibility in the workplace, the architecture and consulting firm opened a brand-new Dusseldorf branch office. The CSMM team has created a smart yet stylish design for its 300-square-meter office in the city’s Medienhafen district. The result is a true “place of possibility” designed to inspire staff with its communal areas for collaboration and its retreat spaces for concentration. Thanks to the flexible and variable layout, the design meets growing demands for more agile work practices and creates an optimal work environment. The addition of a desk-sharing scheme allows for more effective use of the office space and mo... Mehr

Projekt • By CSMM - architecture mattersBüros

Reply Lingotto, Turin

Reply tasked the architecture and consulting firm CSMM with developing a distinctive corporate interior design for its headquarters in FIAT’s former Lingotto factory in Turin. A section of the new office known as “Area 42” features co-design workshops where Reply clients can collaborate with the Reply development team on building and testing prototypes in a real-world environment. The interior design of these innovative research, recreational and office spaces expands on the concept CSMM has already introduced at six other Reply sites, including the Munich office. From the outset, the goal has always been to translate the Italian IT consulting firm’s brand identity into successful workplace design. As such, “Ar... Mehr

Projekt • By Urban Soul ProjectBüros

USP Athens Studio

Das Büro befindet sich im Erdgeschoss eines Wohnhauses in der Lykavittou-Straße in Kolonaki, Athen. Das Mehrfamilienhaus wurde 1947 von Emmanuel Vourekas und Renos Koutsouris entworfen. Der ursprüngliche Plan sah eine 150 Quadratmeter große Wohnung mit zwei Schlafzimmern auf der Straßenseite, einem Flur, einem Wohn- und einem Esszimmer vor, während ein Übergangsraum (Büro/Arbeitszimmer und Keller, wie im ursprünglichen Grundriss erwähnt) die Räume mit der Küche und dem Zimmer des Hausmädchens mit eingebautem WC zur freien Fläche hin verband. Heute befinden sich im vorderen Bereich der Sitzungssaal und das Direktorenzimmer, gefolgt von den Großraumbüros (mit... Mehr

Projekt • By Radical designBüros

Hight-tech office

new office area of ​​160 m230 jobsceiling height 3 meters5 functional zones Radical design   Our taskOur task was to develop an office design in a short time. The room is not large, long and elongated, with windows only on the front. Therefore, it was necessary to create a space that was as functional as possible, but saturated with light and air, in which 30 people could work comfortably. Radical design SolutionThe activity of the company is reflected in the interior through shapes and colors - the interior is inspired by modern gadgets: streamlined shapes with rounded edges, symmetry and conciseness of forms formed the basis of the design concept.The semicircular shape of the meeting room resembles headphones from a smar... Mehr

Projekt • By CAN Design LimitedBüros

Landmark South Sky Garden

CAN is excited to announce its appointment to Sino Group and Empire Group’s recently unveiled ‘Landmark South’, a flagship commercial project in Wong Chuk Hang that inspires a new work ethos. CAN is delivering the interior design for the Sky Garden, as well as the façade and lobby design that features sustainably designed office spaces. The development sets the standard for future-proofed work environments, creating a landmark for the vibrant new community of Hong Kong Southside. Located at the heart of Hong Kong Southside’s new business district, Landmark South is only three minutes’ walk from MTR Wong Chuk Hang Station. As the key part of the Hong Kong Government’s Invigorating Island South ini... Mehr

Projekt • By 2STORM creative agencyAusstellungszentren

Business centre ART IN IT

Elements of art were an integral part of ancient architecture. They depicted the development of technology of that period. Architecture offered a means to crown the significance of each milestone in the history. The architecture of the 19-20th centuries has lost the attributes of art due to the pursuit of achievements in science and technology. With our building, we suggest integrating art into architecture by means of modern innovative methods. 2STORM creative agency After analyzing the site, we have found such restrictions: building area limits and engineering communications. The next step was to analyze the location of the future building on the master plan of Unit City. This helped us to find the main view points. The first one i... Mehr

Projekt • By Seth Powers PhotographyBüros

Lilith Games

Combining expertise from workplace strategists, designers, technologists and build experts, the designer generated an inventive design concept to inspire and engage. This hinged on nine different art forms including video gaming, theatre, literature, sculpture and architecture. Art installations on each floor provide wayfinding, while curated furniture and customised environmental art offer visual detail. Seth Powers The functional space planning focuses on staff wellness and was informed by a series of workplace studies to understand user behaviours, work patterns and organisational culture. ‘Tatami areas’ with curtains on multiple floors provide accessible, private spaces for lunchtime napping, doubling as informal colla... Mehr

Projekt • By archesBüros

White River

Winner of the international invited design contest of business centre Lvivo str. 68A, Vilnius noisyowls The aim – is to find a solution that connects or interacts with the environment.In between - the city and nature,Preserving the history - a place of the old riverbed,Communicating with the context - connecting the city and nature.Movement vs. tranquility,Expressive, clear, bold but assisting to the adjacent buildings at the same time.Subtly complementing the newly designed on the south side while supporting the perimeter of the street. The sensitive horizontal graphics of Lvivo St. façade seek to interpret the flows of the passing car lights.Innovative, ensuring new and high quality - comfortable, plant and light-filled... Mehr

Projekt • By Idin Architects Co., Ltd.Büros

Suanphlu Office

Suanphlu Office is a private office with the owner's penthouse on the top floor. It is situated next to Lao Pueng Thao Kong s hrine, a historical shrine of Suanphlu’s community. The building’s main orientation faces the shrine, which is also the west direction that receives a lot of sunlight. Ketsiree Wongwan The neighbor becomes an important factor in the facade design. The facade design has to not only consider the view of the users on the inside and the amount of sunlight getting through the building but also be aware that this facade also serves as a backdrop for the community with a potential to reflect the harsh sunlight onto the neighboring shrine. Ketsiree Wongwan Due to the property size limitation, the buil... Mehr
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Projekt • By CLOU ArchitectsBüros

Beijing Changan Huijing Twin Towers Renovation

Originally built in 2005 for South Korea’s LG Group, the landmark twin towers that characterize the Yong’anli stretch of Beijing’s Chang’An Avenue were purchased in 2020 by GIC, Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund and held by Grandjoy, will be upgraded to become a new international Grade A office complex. CLOU architects is redesigning the twin towers' podium facade and interior, which is expected to be completed and reopened to the public in 2022. Caption [Renovation of Beijing’s Landmark Office Complex] Located on Jianguomenwai in Chaoyang District of Beijing, the Huijing Twin Towers are situated in the heart of the CBD area, surrounded by international institutions such as embassies, China offices... Mehr

Projekt • By Destudio ArquitecturaBüros

EQA Office

The certification company EQA chose Destudio Arquitectura for the remodeling of its offices in Plaza Castilla Madrid. Offices are not only work spaces, we must not forget the commercial focus that many of them have in their DNA. In this particular case EQA is an organization dedicated to certification and verification; and that commercial point is part of its corporate culture. Therefore, the design of this office remodeling project revolves around making sense and adapting the space to these needs both commercial and purely labor. With more than 600 m2 of space, EQA's offices in Plaza Castilla (Madrid) stand out for their sober, serious character, but without forgetting the modern touch so necessary in today's workspaces. Imagen Subl... Mehr

Projekt • By AplusMBüros

Koolmetrix office renovation

The space under study (total area of ​​300 sqm) is located in a typical office building, near Kifissias Avenue in Chalandri Attiki. The main request of the new company was the redefinition of both functional structure and aesthetic upgrade within the aim of rebuilding a modern environment capable of meeting the needs of the new user. Kleanthis Dimitris Towards this goal, the spatial organization has been redefined to serve the new character of the offices. Τhe key lines of the design was the recalculation of given spaces (reception, movement areas, working and meetings rooms, auxiliary spaces, etc.), the intertwining of uses and optimization of the space provided. More specifically, the reception area welcomes the visitor / user t... Mehr