Brenta | Illuminated seat and bench

by Neri SpA
  • High Performance Concrete
  • Illuminated seat and bench
  • Wireless charger for mobile phones



Product Name
Brenta | Illuminated seat and bench
EMO Design
Neri SpA

Product Type

Street furniture
Street benches

Product Specs

Concrete and cement

Product description

Brenta collection is Neri’s homage to one of the most beautiful and evocative materials in the history of architecture: the strong but malleable, fluid but solid, durable but artisanal, sustainable but sexy concrete. 

Inspired by the unconventional use of concrete in the recent history of architecture, Brenta brings sophisticated indoor shapes to the world of outdoor lighting and furniture, complementing it with powerful optics, Wi-Fi antennas (as an accessory for XL illuminating bollard) and wireless charger (accessory for illuminated bench). 

Brenta collection includes: illuminating bollards (four different sizes), wall mounted luminaires (two sizes), illuminated bench, seat and planters designed by Italian firm EMO Design.

The powerful indirect light LED optic designed for XL and L lighting bollards and wall mounted luminaire allows spacing 8-10 times the height, with a forward throw 3-4 times the height.

The High Performance Concrete adopted for Brenta has been developed specifically for Neri, it is characterised by very smooth surface, high mechanical strength due to plastic fibers present within the mass, high impact, abrasion and chemical resistance, no absorption of liquids, high compressive and flexural strength.