MSW Comfort Manual Sliding Wall System


Whether modern, design-oriented all-glass solutions in sophisticated shop fittings or elegant glass walls in offices: GEZE glass systems provide maximum transparency as well as simple and flexible installation. While conventional products with insula




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MSW Comfort Manual Sliding Wall System

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Door accessories, Interior doors and Exterior doors

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Whether modern, design-oriented all-glass solutions in sophisticated shop fittings or elegant glass walls in offices: GEZE glass systems provide maximum transparency as well as simple and flexible installation. While conventional products with insulation glass restrict your view with solid frame profiles, the MSW with fine-framed leaves and a minimum profile width of only 30 millimetres allows the use of a double pane of glass with optimum transparency.

The new manual sliding wall system (MSW) with fine-framed leaves with insulation glass provides an improved energy balance. These systems are therefore ideal for shop fitting. Another advantage is the pleasant room climate in the vicinity of the partition. Silicon and brush seals fitted on both sides reduce draughts around the edges of the panels. In the area of the track and the locking components, the tried and tested modular manual sliding wall system is used with guided curve technology and maximum ease of use.

The MSW Service Plus With the MSW configuration tool, MSW systems can be created by automatic drawings, on the basis of a few details – now with an even greater range of options. A live image preview also makes operation easier.

The SmartGuide roller carriage – simple and user-friendly The new SmartGuide roller carriage allows all MSW versions to be implemented without impairing the running comfort. The “smart” carriage ensures that all leaves run in the desired, flexibly adjustable direction, rather than just in one predetermined direction. The guide switch, in the event that the guide side changes, is integrated into the roller carriage and the signal is emitted by a release device in the MSW track. This means that the leaf no longer needs to be guided manually. A track system is sufficient: The SmartGuide roller carriage is compatible with all GEZE MSW versions. This means that stacking areas with release situation and multiple successively arranged stacking areas can be implemented with unrestricted sliding comfort – even in the case of systems without a swing door end panel.

The safe solution with structural approval – the MSW base construction Almost any application is possible: the new MSW base construction allows MSW systems to be suspended in line with their structural profile. It can be fastened directly to the track of the relevant MSW and does not require an additional profile. As a modular system, it adapts to a wide variety of building situations. The time-consuming creation of your own designs and improvised solutions are thus no longer necessary. Structural approvals and calculations are also no longer required, as the GEZE product already has structural approval. This facilitates planning and increases legal certainty.

The MSW base construction can be installed directly in the manual sliding wall system track. The alignment along the track only has to comply with the maximum structurally permitted distances. The suspending brackets can be installed at any point of the track without a fixed pattern. The fine adjustment unit allows the height of the system to be adjusted conveniently. A readjustment from below by the track is also possible. A suitable component is available for almost any suspension height and any building connection.

System and service-based benefits The MSW with fine-framed leaves offers a number of "system-based" benefits: in conjunction with the MSW base construction and the SmartGuide roller carriage, an energy-efficient, transparent overall MSW system can be realised for an outdoor area, with a delicate appearance and a flexible stacking area layout. In the GEZE SystemShop, all the components necessary for a project can be configured, calculated, managed in a project-specific way and ordered on request. Changes to the quotation and the order are possible at no expense.

Design glass walls flexibly – modular fixed panel profiles One basic profile for everything: the new modular fixed panel profile is ideal for glass thicknesses of 8, 10 and 12 millimetres and is available in two different designs. The two aluminium clip-on cover profiles (clip-on covers) – either in profile design 40 or in the GEZE Pendulo all-glass wall system design – can be easily exchanged without making any changes to the basic system. This is made possible by the clamping plates that can be freely positioned in the profile and which adjust to all glass thicknesses. External components, such as glazing blocks to calibrate the glass panes, are not required. Corresponding calibration units are integrated into the clamping system. This does not only simplify installation and reduce storage requirements, but also increases safety. The clamping screws in the clamping plates are tamper-proof and protected against unauthorised removal.

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