• Quirky design
  • Create optical puzzles
  • Light beam angle: 30° / 60°
  • 3 types of magnetic anti-glare accessories



Product Name
Basten Leijh
Modular Lighting Instruments

Product Type

Interior Lighting
Ceiling Lamps

Product Specs

Light source
Lighting type
Metal, Aluminium
Black range
White range

Product description

  • Quirky design
  • Create optical puzzles
  • Light beam angle: 30° / 60°
  • 3 types of magnetic anti-glare accessories

Nothing short of the unexpected, Pupil is full of surprises and contradictions. Using nature as his muse, Dutch designer Basten Leijh created this organic, quirky shape: the downlighter that does the opposite. Nonconformity and functionality blend beautifully in our new family, and there’s even more to it, than meets the eye.


A design that stands out
Small and curvy, the oval shape ends abruptly, cut off at an angle. An organic design inspired by the curious eyes of a crab; Pupil is not for a discreet expression. It demands attention. Unlike most recessed downlighters, it playfully sticks out of the ceiling.


Straight that isn’t straight
The asymmetry and adjustability of Pupil create optical puzzles that will make expressions have expressions. The light beam and the position of the housing simply can’t agree. For a light beam pointing straight down, tilt the housing slightly up. For a 30º beam angle, point the housing straight down. Tilt the body 30º, and you have 60º light orientability for a wall-wash effect.


Mini is curious
Just as this new design fits perfectly with the miniaturization trend, Pupil fits right in the palm of your hand. With its gear recessed in the ceiling, nothing but an inquisitive little eye will radiate warm light to illuminate high-end residences, and architectural lighting expressions in hospitality environments and small boutiques.


Small in size, big in choices
Despite its tiny stature, Pupil can handle a lot of choices. Pupil is available with a wide range of dimming solutions: Tre di, 1-10V, Pushdim and DALI, and is Connected ready. Opt for warm color temperatures or go for a warm dim system. And be surprised again. Our stubborn little Pupil comes with 3 types of magnetic anti-glare accessories: Honeycomb, Snoot and Crossblade. Pop one in with one easy click on the front of the reflector.

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