• High-quality lens and LED
  • Beam angle can be adjusted or fixed
  • Easy installation with leaf springs
  • Adjustability H360° V30°
  • Revealing colours



Product Name
Jeffrey Huyghe
Modular Lighting Instruments

Product Type

Interior Lighting
Ceiling Lamps and LED

Product Specs

Light source
Lighting type
Metal, Aluminium - Die cast and Anodized

Product description

  • High-quality lens and LED
  • Beam angle can be adjusted or fixed
  • Easy installation with leaf springs
  • Adjustability H360° V30°
  • Revealing colours

Thimble evokes minimalism, surprise and technology all at once. Subtle curves, slightly revealing colours, high-quality lens and LED. With its deep-recessed and glare-free light source, Thimble’s clean and seamless execution makes it a quiet yet sophisticated choice for high-end residential or hospitality settings. This versatile, elegant architectural downlighter will bring pure form, definition and quality light to any space without stealing all the attention.

Bare essentials reveal a sophisticated design.

Thimble’s composition emphasizes that elegance lies in pure form. A minimalistic, curved design, with a deep-recessed and glare-free light source. Thimble’s clean ultra-thin flange or trimless execution will go unseen in the quietest of spaces. 

A low-key execution with a little more.

For light expressions that should be discreet but show that little extra, designers can find the perfect compromise with Thimble’s long list of anodized colours. This desired, enhanced effect can be created on any ceiling applications. 

One stamped aluminium sheet, many rich colours.

Thimble’s technical look & feel and colours are created using an anodization technique that gives depth to the material and ensures high durability. Thimble comes in anodized black, silver, silver bronze, champagne and gold, as well as in powder-painted black and white structure. 

Lens technology with no end in sight.

The glass lens technology makes Thimble a fixture for the long term. Highly durable, glass withstands heat better than plastic and keeps its white brilliance over time. As the quality lens seals the state-of-art optical system, this luminaire is well protected from dust and harmful residues. 

Defined circles of light.

To obtain a more focused beam, we paired lens technology with high-density LED. Its beam angle can be adjusted or fixed, offering numerous possibilities to express the space. A high light quality of CRI90+ and an output of ± 650lm, Thimble is a bright prospect for any space. 

Thimble is a piece of cake with accessories.

An easy installation with leaf springs that fit almost everywhere. A reinforcing conbox for new or renovation projects, with plastered or exposed concrete ceilings. A recessed ring for a trimless installation. For a deep-recessed light fixture, the low installation depth is a pleasant 110mm surprise, with an adjustability of H360° V30°.

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