weber.therm circle - The first recyclable ETICS

by Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH
  • for cold, heat and noise insulation
  • for safety in case of fire
  • for algae prevention, solidity, freedom of design
  • to the so far unresolved question of recyclability



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weber.therm circle - The first recyclable ETICS
Saint-Gobain Weber GmbH

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Facade systems
Continuous facade systems
Facade cladding
Composite materials


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Product description

  • for cold, heat and noise insulation
  • for safety in case of fire
  • for algae prevention, solidity, freedom of design
  • to the so far unresolved question of recyclability

About 5 million cubic meters of insulating materials and 100 million tons of sand are consumed each year for construction activities in Germany. These finite raw materials, which are bound in buildings, have so far been wasted for a single use. This is because building materials are normally disposed of as mixed waste during dismantling. This means they are lost for further use in building construction - expensive and ecologically unsatisfactory. Saint-Gobain Weber has now developed a solution:

weber.therm circle, the first recyclable composite thermal insulation system. 


Separation layer enables separation by type

All components of the new ETIC system (insulating material, dowels, fabric and mineral mortars) can be separated according to type and recycled. weber.therm circle thus includes conversions of buildings, dismantling and technological leaps right from the start.


The all-mineral, thick-layer premium system achieves its decomposability through various measures: First, it dispenses with adhesive mortar. The insulation boards are mechanically fastened to the masonry with screw dowels. A special mineral wool quality is used, which allows the insulation boards to cling particularly well to the substrate. In addition, a so-called separation layer is applied under the reinforcement layer, in which a fabric is placed in a specially developed separation mortar. This fabric is stripped during dismantling, i.e. gripped by the excavator shovel and removed cleanly in strips along with the plaster. During the entire use phase, the plaster system meets the same requirements in terms of durability and stability as any other thermal insulation composite system approved by the building authorities.


All-mineral premium ETICS

In addition to recyclability, weber.therm circle offers all the features of a top-class ETIC system. Thanks to the heavy mineral wool quality and the extremely solid, thick plaster layer, the system convinces with its open diffusion, its excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and its non-combustibility. The surface finish with mineral AquaBalance renderings effectively protects against algae growth, without polluting the environment with biocides, and opens up unlimited design possibilities.


The system is immediately available. The building authority approval is under process and expected in the next weeks (No. Z- 33.9 - 1671). The application is carried out by certified applicators trained by Weber. Further information can be found at


weber.therm circle provides conclusive answers to all questions regarding thermal insulation composite systems, in particular to the hitherto unsolved aspect of recycling.

It thus makes it possible to build in the highest quality and at the same time at the forefront of ecological progress and (once again) places this construction method in the focus of responsible building owners and planners. 

weber.therm circle offers conclusive answers to all questions about ETIC systems

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