Yoon Joonhwan


Architects from 5F, 49-1, Haegwan-ro, Jung-gu, South Korea
architect-K(아키텍케이) is an entropic design community. Since its establishment in 2012, we are doing total design incuding Architecture/ Interior/ Furniture/ Arts. 'K' acknowledges the status of the disorder. External environment surrounding the design and the internal movement of design field are not always constant. It seeks to design alternative that can flexibly deal with the change through fading boundaries. This Method is similar to the concept and the constant K of entropy to refer to a specific range. 'K' in Architect-K is Boltzmann constant 'K' and at the same time letter 'K' means all the words it entered.
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Architect-K Jung-gu
5F, 49-1, Haegwan-ro, Jung-gu, South Korea