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The house is located in the Sierra de Madrid, in a plot with attractive views to the north. It is therefore necessary that the house has a large glass of north and south.

On the other hand, we want to integrate within the housing an indoor pool and solar heated.

The integration of a pool in a bioclimatic house is always a problem, since it increases the level of humidity in the home, with the attendant problems of condensation, increased the feeling of cold in winter, and the increased sense heat and "embarrassment" in summer.

To resolve these problems, and to integrate it into the house, the pool is attached laterally to it. Is separated by large windows and glass doors, so it does not increase the indoor humidity. On the other hand, the pool is covered above by rooms of the house, which recently joined the group, and bioclimatic performance improves.

Thus, the pool can become a greenhouse, closing the windows of the north and south, or in a cool, opening. That is, the pool provides a pleasant environment, both in winter and summer.

The housing structure is tripartite. The central area, one double-height space is the living room-kitchen of the house. In this space are focused on other rooms of the house, sharing the same temperature. In summer, the shutters close completely outside the South, and the house is illuminated by indirect sunlight from the north (thus, naturally lit, and not heated). In contrast, in winter, fully open the shutters of the south and the housing becomes a huge greenhouse, maximizing solar radiation and warming itself.

The formal structure of the house represents and reflects the cult surrenders to the use of load-bearing wall in the composition of buildings with high bioclimatic. Wall burden greatly increases the thermal inertia of the building, and is able to store heat or cool, and maintain a stable temperature inside the building.

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