A&R plastic surgery

A&R plastic surgery

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A&R plastic surgery

Base Architecture as Architects

Based on the nature of Plastic Surgery, the concept rotates around the impact of first impressions, the natural curves of the human body, and the notion of calculated beauty. The interior design reflects our client’s professional attention to detail, cutting edge technology and passion for aesthetics.

The sculptural central pod was created as the “face” of the practice, the main mean of individual identity. Consulting rooms around it act rationally and solid, resembling the bone structure behind the skin. Materials reflect a soft, gentle approach to patient care, and bring a boutique, personal feel to the rooms, in stark contrast to the clinical atmosphere of the hospital overall.

With an area of 130 sqm, and a program requiring 13 functional areas, efficient planning was the key. Functions were grouped and challenged to be made more efficient, resulting in flexible and adaptable rooms.

From conceptualization through to construction detailing, the project was designed and built for a long life through the selection of highly durable materials (minimizing waste by demolition and reconstruction), the creation of flexible rooms that allow functional changes without the need for structural changes, and the use of energy efficient lighting and AV equipment.

The success of the project, from our experience, is reflected in two areas:

1. The design responds to a need to bring patients and their experiences to the front of the priorities. Through this, the project contributes to the development of the practice of Interior Design for medical environments that go beyond the practicality of the administrative and medical procedures, creating relaxing, warm spaces that feel more like a retreat, or spa, and less like a clinical space; as a way to contribute to the healing process by providing spaces of comfort and support.

The administrative and practical complexities are looked after and planned efficiently, in a minimalistic way that aims at reflecting calm and relaxation whilst contributing to maintaining an efficient practice from the administrative point of view.

2. The project leaves a visual and experiential impact on the visitor that is memorable, contributing to branding success of the clinic. The perception that patients have of the practice reflect on their perception of the care they will receive themselves from the Doctor. The project reflects an innovative integration of branding and interior design that goes beyond the look and feel of the rooms.

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