Barrio Norte

nds - noise design studio as Architects

We looking for an answer which develop to optimize all the resources involved in the design, the construction, users and the context. This answer is in response for a sustainable human architecture and is toughed for their habitants in order to give a reflex and timeless answer to their time.

Our main concept of architecture has a deep analyze on the intrinsic values such as function and the needs for what is created an architecture. In the same way the extrinsic values such as morphologic language and functional and these are unique and particular for all of them.

The basic concept for our proposal is called COEXISTENCE, RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION The general concept of the project is to integrate a central courtyard to unify and organize all systems in order to motivate a focal point of existence and permanence in the neighborhood. The focus of this central courtyard is the development of cultural and recreational activities. They integrate this central courtyard which different areas are determined according to their function. Gastropatio , Expopatio , Patio of mass events, among others.The focus on sustainability and reuse it takes is strengthened by reusing materials and various elements such as shipping containers, pallets, among others. This causes an optimization of both material, human and financial resources. Coexistence is our holistic concept regarding the human aspect.

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Brunswick West VIC, Australia - Build completed in 2017
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