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Arshia Architects, ltd was selected as a winner by the Los Angeles Business Council at their 45th Annual design award for setting new standards for design excellence, innovation and sustainability, and demonstrate the potential of combining beautiful architecture with environmental and health best practices.

"The winners of this year's Architectural Awards demonstrate how exceptional architectural design can inspire our community and invigorate our city while also addressing critical policy needs," said Mary Leslie, President of the Los Angeles Business Council. "We are proud to honor this diverse group of excellent projects today and celebrate the future of sustainable development and economic growth in Los Angeles."

The concept put forth the distinct notion of an open dental office that is separated by low partitions, built-in furniture and intensities of light. Where physical separation was necessary, ultra-clear glass was used to create conclusive transparency. The office became a field, rather than a room with a direct visual connection to the large window, overlooking the cityscape as soon as entry is afforded. In turn, the peripheral enamel of the space at large, served as a buffer that also accommodated the administrative and related functions. Lighting, too, played a crucial part in achieving a grandiose rhythm for the space. The luminaires were carefully selected from a manufacturer allowing for a seamless integration with the design ceiling landscape. With an obvious need to conceal the mechanical, electrical, plumbing and audio visual controls, the design aimed to visually open and expand the floor area and reducing the excessive visual cues to achieve the main objective of the space: the treatment and comfort of patients.

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