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BN House

BN House

roni architect
bone, Indonesia
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Private Houses

BN House

roni architect as Architects

this house is designed for families who have a hobby mr beni family gathering, work and relax at home. Therefore our family room is spacious and airy impress that have views to the rear garden and to the front of the house. So that will be felt comfortable when relaxing or working in this house.

The concept of the actual shape of this house is a unique home-downs, such as that requested by the homeowner. How can it be said to be cheap? Yes because in fact we just have some characteristic roof architecture Indonesian tropical architecture, which have one side roof slope only with fiber cemen or zingkalum. So that the manufacture of cheap, compared with a pyramid roof or saddle ...

In order to look good then the roof zinkalum our end cap with secondary skind be cast concrete gutter and into the sloping wall of approximately 75 degrees. Which also serves to block the hot afternoon sun because the house is facing west and north.

In macro concept form, this house we design using local wisdom, which houses on stilts which are shelter under a tree, so that during the day without ac already feels fresh and sejuk.sehingga can save electrical energy.

Another way of it is the order of space that can be cross ventilation air flow, either horizontally or vertically. So that air can flow evenly in every room of his room.

In the western part of the existing ponds and secondary skind, in addition to adding a natural feel on the form also serves to cool the room temperature when daytime. When the air during the heat will evaporate the water, water vapor will be blown into the living space in the house, it will feel cool wah dong.

The concept of the arrangement and selection of trees to be true, so the concept of shelter under a tree house Ko Ko can take place properly. Order our shade trees to be two, one to shade the roof and two walls shade in the afternoon when hari.sehingga morning noon afternoon this house will be in naungi by the shade trees. So as we can during the powder under a shade tree when we are on vacation in the woods or fields. With the wind caresses ogsigen nature and supply free of Almighty ndak feel while chatting we will be sleepy and powder itself ... nach cool it when we come together and in harmony with nature. So his seharus architect must be able to lift the quality of nature and the environment through science we do not otherwise compel nature to our ideas, can be dangerous.

From concept it all finally created a unique housing design concepts belonging to the father of this beni ....

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