Boat House

Boat House

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Rob de Jong

Boat House

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Situated on a remote lane in Muggenbeet, a region in the middle of Weerribben national park, a special boathouse is completed.

The boathouse has two floors: above ground rests a glass house with solid corners, beautiful detailing and honest materials. Below, and almost disappearing under the water’s surface, are three bedrooms and a bathroom. When the residents are away the boathouse is a closed box in the landscape. When the residents are present, the closed box transforms into a house of glass, air and light. The sides of the boathouse slowly open, and on three sides terraces appear. This creates an open, inviting atmosphere which welcomes the surroundings and fuses the outside/inside environments. This absorbed effect contrasts with the clean, crisp separation of steel and landscape in the residents’ absence.

The building was manufactured off site and then floated 20km down the river to its current location.

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