Casa Córdova Díaz

Casa Córdova Díaz

Espinoza Carvajal
Private Houses

Casa Córdova Díaz

Espinoza Carvajal as Architects

The work is located in the northern part of the city of Loja Ecuador in the Citadel stay North, opposite the Park of the estate.

The housing and the user, the program has specific requirements; the area of parents and social area should be at the same level, as a requirement of accessibility in adulthood. The portal in the House can not miss, since in this area the enjoyment of the outdoors and the rest are very important for the family. The housing must be on a significant green area.

This is developed in four bars clearly defined, forming a series of courtyards at different levels and confronted in duality, managed with the same materials.

Two more dense bars contain these rooms in its two cases shelter under them spaces that allow to be released or light according to its use. Permeable two rods allow through mechanical action of opening or closing to extend the domain of the landscape or the exposure from the inside to the outside, you are bars contain living spaces and connection between them.

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