Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant

Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant

Smith Vigeant Architectes
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Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant

Smith Vigeant Architectes as Architects

The Prize-Winner Laureate of the 4th edition of the “Prix d’excellence CECOBOIS 2014” is awarded to SMITH VIGEANT ARCHITECTS for their project “Centre de découverte du parc national du Mont-Tremblant” in the category “Interior Design”. The project also won the “Sustainable Design Award” at the Grand Prix du Design and the “Jury Favourite” at the ICCA-CISC Design in 2013.

Discovery Centre for the Mont-Tremblant National Park – Showcasing the Splendour of Wood Located in the Mont-Tremblant National Park, the Discovery Centre offers a stunning view of Lake Monroe and its surrounding hills and mountains.

The building consists of three distinct sections: an amphitheatre, a space for service facilities, and a discovery zone. This building is formed by a continuous band of rustic wood that unfolds into walls, a roof and a floor sheltered by a large canopy. Given its pristine location in the heart of nature, the use of wood as the primary material facilitated the harmonious insertion of the building into the unspoiled setting. To achieve this, a wide variety of wood species were used on both the exterior and interior, reinterpreting the site’s richness in textures and colours, while giving the building durability and résistance. Translated jury’s comment: “The illuminated spaces offer an interesting play of volumes, both interior and exterior. The unique building form awakes the senses and invites it to be discovered. The use of abundant and diverse wood types creates warm and welcoming interior spaces.” The Discovery Centre was designed around the site’s natural and climatic features and in respect to bioclimatic principles. The development of the project was founded on the assiduous integration of the building into the site as well as its sensitivity to the surrounding area.

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