DDacha: Biobased Living Concept

DDacha: Biobased Living Concept


DDacha: Biobased Living Concept

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Innovative&Sensual DDacha is an innovative and sensual concept of housing as well as a sensory, comfortable and healthy living experience. The design addresses the five senses: sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.

Our prototype (A DDacha8) is a compact design. It is a dwelling for one or two individuals and is a single level house. This makes our DDacha suitable for young singles or couples and it can be used as a granny flat, workspace, studio in the yard, guest house or holiday home. Its foot print is a mere 8x8 meters.

Bio based and Cradle‐to-Cradle DDacha is designed as an organism and a dynamic compilation of material, environment and energy. It is made purely of wood, right down to its fastenings. The main construction isa platinum certified c2c product.

With state of the art manufacturing by Nur-Holz, prefabricated components are assembled in workshops and assembled on site. This results in rapid and secure construction. The entire frame of our first DDacha was erected within 8 hours.

Passive-Massive and Zero Energy DDacha is designed as a ‘passive-home’ and complies with the strict building codes and specifications in the Netherlands. The design boasts a southwest oriented livingroom. This means it is wonderfully sunny home. DDacha is also equipped with skylights. This provides an abundance of daylight in the core of the house. This also makes the dweller feel good and reduces the need for artificial lighting. Our prototype is equipped with a wood-burning stove. This means the use oftown heating (which in Almere is compulsory) is limited toan absolute minimum.

Developed with the customer in mind In early April 2015, the first DDacha8 was completed in Almere’s development ‘Ik bouw in mijn tuin.’ This house was built for Mr. Jan Schuijt who recently retired and plans to do a lot of traveling. When he returns form his travels, he wants to arrive in a restful and compact yet comfortable home with no maintenance and low energy costs. Jan has done some of the finishing himself to reduce building expenses andhas added solar panels to reduce electricity bills. Future dwellings (there are still a number of plots available in Almere!) can be fully customized to the taste of the buyer.

Expandable Frame Concept DDacha is not site specific, but a climate specific design. The home is designed as a market focused product for North European Cfb and Dfb climate zones. Energy wise, the house has a passive inclination and is oriented base upon response to sun, wind and rain - from energy neutral to energy producing, from Passivehouse to Activehouse. That is why we work with Velux products in their Active house program.

DDacha is an expandable design in a 4 x 4 meter grid. Larger and smaller houses can be linked to form housing solutions for all ages and types of use. We proposed smaller communities of up to 20 units.

DDacha 8 8 x 8 (the Almere prototype)

DDacha16 8 x 16

DDacha24A 8 x 16 + 8 x 8

DDacha24B 8 x 16 + 8 x 8 (The professional’s home)

All these configurations are single story and suitable for all ages. We are currently developing a two-story home.

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