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House N

House N

YDS Architects
Tokyo, Japan | View Map
Project Year
Private Houses
Nobuki Taoka
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Product Spec Sheet

House N

YDS Architects as Architects

An old wooden house was designed for renovation into two-family house. The client wants it to be renovated because her family would live with her mother. The original house was built 40 years ago, so one of the owner’s important demands was to strengthen the structure. Generating natural and artificial light applying existing elements and materials regenerate architectures. Regenerating these old houses leads to sustainability and contributes to the cultures and diversities.

A small garden which they rarely used because they care other people’s eye due to the low fences caught our attention. The design objects making the additional building in the garden, rather making use of the void, offers the terrace as an outdoor room ‘Green Void’. The existing beams were placed at random, new beams are evenly added to the frame which would bring about the sense of order and express the transitional beauty reflecting the light and shadows.

New narrow window under the small beam is placed to bring in vivid natural light and two beams are designed as lighting equipment. Beauty with order would come into being and the frame and light would be unified when they encounter.

Spatial flow would be created by the overhung stair of woods from the entrance to the every rooms. The desk and handrails of woods placed using the existing columns inspires the conversation between old and new. Natural light shines in white wall and light from the beams melt into the space in the same color of ceiling and beams. Sense of unity by minimizing the materials and colors bring forth profound beauty.

The Green Void enfolded by the high wooden walls would be the essential space without taking care for other’s eye and serves as vigorous space one would feel the light, air, and wind. New house totally renovated inside yet shows simple beauty of woods and light and the bounty of nature providing wooden spaces of several times.

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