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KK100 Development is an innovative high density project that takes an entirely new approach to city making, development and regeneration. It forms part of Shenzhen’s new financial district and creates a new precedent for creating a distinctive new destination within China’s most successful economic zone.

The 3.6-hectare site was previously occupied by a dense residential quarter, Caiwuwei Village. The developer had the creative vision to form a company with the villagers, initiating an entirely new approach to the art of place-making in Shenzhen. This serves as a model for 21st century for urban change all over the world. Existing buildings were run down and living conditions were poor. As part of initiating this transformation, a Joint Development Initiative was formed in which villagers became stakeholders. Each owner was offered a new property as well as a second home which serves as an income generating asset. This meant the preservation of community links that are built over generations.

As well as providing social and cultural continuity, KK100 is integrated with the metropolitan transport network. The connectivity between the various components of the masterplan on various levels was critical; the tower is integrated with the podium on various levels while retail and public uses at lower levels are integrated with the Metro system.

The interface with the surrounding urban context has been carefully considered. Despite the tower’s height, lower level and ground floor uses are integrated successfully with the fabric of the surrounding neighbourhoods to create a vibrant community with a strong sense of place as well as major focus for economic growth and prosperity within Shenzhen.

The 100-storey tower comprising over 210,000m2 of accommodation is part of the master plan design for a 417,000m2 mixed-use development. The development includes 5 residential buildings and 2 commercial buildings. The floors of the tower are divided into three major functions. The floors from level 4 to 72 will house 173,000m2 of Grade-A office space while the uppermost levels from 75 to 100 will be occupied by a 35,000m2 6-star Luxury Hotel.

One of the design features is the curving building profile. This form alludes to a spring or fountain and is intended to connote the wealth and prosperity of Shenzhen. The perimeter column arrangement provides each level with an unobstructed working environment and stunning views towards Lizhi and Renmin Park as well as over all Shenzhen and beyond.

Linking all these elements is the podium that is driven by a world-class retail environment designed for local flavour, excitement, and economic growth and continuity. Shenzhen’s most prominent retail address will offer leased space to lifestyle-focused anchors drawing visitors and consumers as a destination. The design strategically routes pedestrian traffic while provides retail access from every side of the site, with entries catered to each side’s scale, density and foot traffic. On the roof of the podium is a residential garden with landscaping that reflects the different spatial and functional requirements of the open spaces for the site whilst creating a harmonised living and play area for the public.

Retail is integrated with the Metro system while direct office and hotel connections are also provided for easier movement of people. The residential blocks are also linked at the higher levels to create easier neighbourhood accessibility. The Tower serves as a ‘’Mini-city” which contributes and provides an amenity-rich focal point back to the community, offering a 24-hour city-life to be better for the environment and human interaction.

The 100-storey, 441.8-metre tower is a mixed-use complex containing grade-A office, trading areas, conference and business facilities and a fitness centre all topped off with a 6-star hotel complete with a cathedral-like glazed sky-garden containing numerous dining options. Instead of putting generators on top of the building, the roof is constituted by a curved smooth glazed curtain wall and steel structure.

It does not use the typical square foot print; the East / West façades being more slender and flare slightly so office floor plates are slightly bigger and the South / North façades that face Hong Kong and the Maipo marshes are wider. The slenderness brings certain challenges, most notably the swing or drift ratio and the robustness of the tower and performance of key elements.

The vertical circulations are user-friendly for both operations as well for public use: (1) Lifts for the office are kept very direct and simple with only one double height transfer lobby. This lobby again doubles up as a public space with opportunities for library, cafes, and viewing areas. (2) The hotel shuttle lifts brings the guests directly from ground-floor up to the 94th floor for check-in. Hotel lobby gives a unique experience and four numbers of local hotel lifts bring visitors down to their rooms located below. (3) in case of fire, shuttle lifts will be used to assist total building evacuation.

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