Modular riverbank (Prague, Czech Republic)

Modular riverbank (Prague, Czech Republic)

gOOi project

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Prague, Czech Republic


Modular riverbank

gOOi project as Architects

The Vltava riverbank is presented without appealing features, thereby excluding the human presence of the riverbed. On its southern shore, the river boundary and the city are separated by retaining walls, becoming, then, an uncomfortable element that splits those two levels. From the city center´s side, the access exists only in half of the length of the riverfront, where, at the other half, a direct contact with the river isn´t established. Also the type of use of the margins doesn´t increase this relationship, since is defined by a continuous platform, parallel to the retaining walls and mostly occupied by car parking and limited activity to boats and ships. This proposal aims to develop a flexible system for the riverbanks. With a modular strategy, it was created a method where the river returns to man use for recreational, cultural, sports events and the dock areas that live together with other features. Using materials that are light, cheap and easy to apply, the floating modules can be grouped and ungrouped in various ways, providing different solutions, creating the evolution of the city according to long or short term needs and, then, becoming a sustainable development.The accesses were implemented through vertical gardens connecting the upper bound to the lower level and making a natural area along the river. This allows the existence of walking and cycling routes, improving the sustainable mobility of the city.Prague thus receives new areas to walk and contemplate the landscape, allowing the extension of the city life boundaries. This new space, intends to requalify the comfort for residents and visitors, relating the city with its river.

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