Mogosoaia Business Centre

Mogosoaia Business Centre

Costin Nita
Mogoşoaia, Romania

Mogosoaia Business Centre

Costin Nita as Architects

The task for this project was to create a center of interest in Mogosoaia, a small satellite city of Bucharest’s peripherial zone, by inserting a bussiness center.

The concept was to create a green building which harmoniously communicates with the exterior, considering that the site had a lot of vegetation and is situated very close to a forest.

Inside the building there is an inner court designed for enhancing the interior lighting. The building is designed as an extension of the surrounding green landscape by using green terraces and curtain walls. The difficult task was to create an insertion with a strong personality in an empty landscape, near a forest and a lake. The design’s purpose is to give the user a fresh, eco-friendly experience within the green landscape.

The materials used in this project are concrete, iron, wood for interior finishings and curtain walls. One important aspect was to create a design which allows the user to be able to experience the great views over the forest and the lake, regardless of its position within the building. To sustain this idea, the elevator shaft is two stories higher than the building, made of glass and having a steel structure. The elevators can be stopped there offering a great a panorama spot.

Therefore the building is not only a statement, dominating the area, but it also provides a great experience from within, revealing the beautiful landscape from any place.

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