Piazza Crespi-Libertà

Piazza Crespi-Libertà

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dep studio

Piazza Crespi-Libertà

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The project seeks to respond precisely to the complexity of this place. The new area of ​​Freedom Square, free of reference emphasize the war memorial; the link between Piazza Libertà and Piazza Crespi is set up as a more intimate space of transit but also aggregation, staging, which ends at the front of the church. A place that has a meaning that goes beyond the individual and particular functions that have been primary civic excellence, which collects citizenship for a demonstration urban, or strolling, or stop in the bar with outdoor seating. The existing porches become fundamental in the project proposal, the pedestrian flow flowing on either side of the link between the square and Liberty square Crespi, and then they become the transit area privileged. Within each space are placed the elements of furniture such as benches with coating wood lamellae, tubs Corten steel for the creation of elements to green, tree species and the lighting bodies. Each element is placed in relation to the other according to a precise composition that is manifested by the elements of the project, as the drains rainwater here treated as design elements and space for this underlined with stones from the lighter color. The space in front of the Town Hall and the Church, deliberately dilated, must regain the public sense that characterizes them since ancient times. Here it was thought to delimit a space to green, large enough to contain a specimen of Quercus Cerris larger than the others, which will become the symbol of the intervention. Beside a fountain with water, a symbol of life, which flows near the oak, symbol of public life. The alternating surfaces and paved paths and, within these, the variations in the direction of the floor itself, are designed to induce the observer to a changing perception of space, the recognition of new prospects, the identification of different "micro-environments", each characterized by its own size, so as to accommodate as much as possible the different concepts that are subjective, and even more so extremely varied, to live a public place like a public square, where necessarily pass people with different visions of the space, so that everyone can find their own "industry" preferential, in short, a space conceived as a picture of where you feel part.

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