Plaza Synergia

Plaza Synergia

Dovat Arquitectos
-, Uruguay

Plaza Synergia

Dovat Arquitectos as Architects

Zonamerica Technology and Business Park counts with a vast percentage of green, relaxing spaces, offered to the 8000 people who work in the diverse office buildings located there. Plaza Synergia is located at the E entrance of Synergia Building, next to a large restaurant facility. The project´s double intent is to offer a relaxing, harmonious, green and usable space so that Zonamericans can have lunch, read or use their laptops in their leisure time while watching a beautiful garden and at the same time to enhance the Synergia Building entrance. Plaza Synergia is designed along circular sections that intersect and generate the different areas of the project. The main circular line is a stone wall that supports four large free shaped tension structures under which the concrete tables and seating objects are arranged, forming another circular line. Two white-stone downward pathways connect the Synergia Building to the parking lot and to the restaurant, and three other more virtual circular lines divide the garden into green and stone planters. The concrete tables and seats were especially designed in five parts: a curved piece, a straight piece, an end piece, a backrest piece and the squared table. They are modular and at the same time offer several ways in which they can be arranged.

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