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Aguascalientes, Mexico
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nds - noise design studio as Architects

Starting to be a dairy processing plant, the project is mainly based on functionality. Its main function is to produce cheese in different presentations and derivatives, as well as storing, loading and unloading raw materials, distribute and perform a product. Pattern occurred to give added value to this type of architecture, designed space, a modern design, an opportunity to improve such buildings.

This project is located on the suburbs of the city of Aguascalientes, Ags. Mexico, in a town called La Tomatina. It has 472.30 m2, 442.46 m2. The plant design is based on the application of materials and finishes apparent to highlight the aesthetic and spatial morphology, fully optimizing resources.

Its volume allows natural light and cross ventilation exploiting the Venturi effect, so ideal spaces for users are generated.

The plant also has a space designed for corporate offices which performs all administrative tasks of the business.

The building ground floor has an administrative area, milk storage area, a laboratory, a storage chamber cooling, a cooling chamber transit, two areas of loading and unloading, maneuvering area, a CEYE, a health module, a module of dressing, a free production plant and parking lot.

The building has floor warehouse, a dining room, a department for the factory owner. The union of all areas, its volume and materials generate an attractive project with a different morphology in this type of architecture.

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