Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

L35 Architects as Architects

L35, one of the largest architectural firms in Spain, in partnership with GMP Architekten, the worlds nº1 stadium specialist, and Ribas&Ribas a hotel specialist architectural firm, has been selected by the Real Madrids board of directors to remodel the iconic Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.


Although the new envelope is shaped freely, its geometry is not accidental. The curved volumes are able to reflect light in a changing way, its marked lines expressing energy and drive.


While visually dominating its surroundings, the stadium volume is adapted to the program behind it, swelling or shrinking without losing unity or character.

The ventilated cladding material is designed to allow or to block sunlight through its changing pattern. The skin geometry is line-based, which allows a building process that -despite its high-tech component- is relatively simple and allows for large sections to be shop-assembled.


From the structural point of view, the new roof is designed with elegance and efficiency. A compression beam rests neatly on the existing concrete columns. Supported on this outer ring, the inner ring is supported on stressed cables. The whole roof is mounted on the pitch and lifted into position.

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