Triangle house

Triangle house

Budapest, Hungary
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Private Houses

Organized by the sun

Architektus2000 as Architects

This "upside down building" is located in the back garden of an existing family house. The distance beetween the main building was as relevant as drawing sunlight into the interior in an oversurrounded spot. This aspect put all daylight functions upstairs and all night functions downstairs and the house to its place not disturbing the existing plants and leaving an adequate size own garden area. Its level was raised to that of the neighbours' which also made the connection beetween indoors and outdoors more logical. The empty space beetween existing plants provided the triangle form of the house, which, with well designed layout causes no furniture or useability problems and gives an unusual feature.

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Sony Music Berlin
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Bülowstraße 80, 10783 Berlin, Germany - Build completed in 2021
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