10 dining rooms featuring beautifully crafted wooden chairs
Ruy Teixeira

10 dining rooms featuring beautifully crafted wooden chairs

28 ene. 2023  •  Especificación  •  By Surabhi Patil

For centuries, wood has been a popular material for creating furniture, and it's easy to see why. Not only does wood have a timeless and classic look, but it also provides support and durability that few other materials can match. Moreover, nothing evokes the feeling of a warm, inviting dining space like a beautiful wooden chair.


Wooden chairs come in myriad shapes and sizes, as well as finishes, making them a versatile option to fit in any decor. Whether ornately carved and painted or simply stained, these chairs bring a certain level of warmth and elegance to dining areas. 


From classic wooden chairs with a modern twist to more traditional designs with a rustic flair, the following list comprises ten dining rooms which will undoubtedly create a space that is both exquisite and welcoming.


1. Barrowgate Road
photo_credit Ollie Tomlinson
Ollie Tomlinson

What was the brief?The brief was for a full redesign of a three-story detached Victorian property in Chiswick, west London, including a complete remodel of the interior, and a new ground floor e...

Tokyo Chair
Solid wood with a removable saddle leather seat, the Tokyo chair nods to traditional Danish and Japanese designs while maintaining an active footing in the present.   A continuous ribbon of shaped...


2. Out of the blue

The project “Out of the blue” consists of the restructuring of a 150mq detached house in Milan. From the very beginning , in agreement with the commitent , alongside the functional...

The “Pelleossa” chair is designed by Francesco Faccin and produced by Miniforms from 2012. It is both a industrial and hand-crafted product. Hand-crafted because it is made with traditional materials and because it is...


3. Dijkhuis
photo_credit Maarten Willemstein
Maarten Willemstein

In the north of Amsterdam, a traditional

J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik
Dining chair model 75 was designed by Niels Otto Møller in 1959. This design has never been taken out of production and is still manufactured in Denmark at J.L. Møllers Møbelfabrik.


4. Ice House Loft Interior
photo_credit Logan Havens
Logan Havens

A 17-year-old loft in the Ice House is completely refreshed with a new kitchen, smooth wall surface, lighting, storage and appointments.

Side Chair and Arm Chair
Cherner Chair
Designed by Norman Cherner for Plycraft in 1958, they are one of today’s most collectable chairs. The Cherner Chair Company has reissued these iconic designs in precise detail from the original drawings and molds. Mad...


5. Casa dritta curva
photo_credit Serena Eller Vainicher
Serena Eller Vainicher

The renovation project of the house for a couple with children is developed in a valuable Roman building from the 1970s, inevitably conditioned by the design of the balconies that clearly characterize the external app...

Carl Hansen & Søn
A beautiful and simple dining chair that is stackable. Its low back and straight seat also make it well suited for working at a desk. The chair's seat utilizes a special 11-ply construction, which gives the c...


photo_credit Eugeni Pons
Eugeni Pons

An apartment in a building of the early '900, located in the Turin hills a few steps from the Gran Madre and from the Piazza Vittorio, has been deeply and carefully restored in 2015 by architect Fabio Fantolino. The i...

Oak Ex 1 dining chair
This item is EN and/or BIFMA certified. Made from solid oak with a hardwax oil finish. A popular favourite, the EX 1 chair is a timeless design, made of solid oak. Seating height: 47cm - 19


7. House in Vilnius
photo_credit Norbert Tukaj @norberttukaj
Norbert Tukaj @norberttukaj

Project House in Vilnius, published by TON Czechia. Location: Vilnius, Lithuania Category: Private Houses Connect with

811 chair
TON Czechia
A chair , based on Josef Hoffman's design from 1930, combines his interest in Art Nouveau and simple shapes with technology which has been used in Bystrice pod Hostynem for over 150 years.


8. House Cinsc – A Retreat Among the Peaks
photo_credit Alberto Strada
Alberto Strada

First inspections revealed a ruin typical of the area, used mainly for livestock and seasonal hay - a precarious structure, reserved unexpected discoveries. A large stone arch and an ancient fireplace emerge, suggesti...

NYM 2835
Nym is a collection made of solid ash wood which reviews Windsor chairs with a contemporary style. The backrest of the armchair designs an uninterrupted arch that perfectly joins the seat of solid ash wood and turns into an armrest. 


9. K House
photo_credit Amit Geron
Amit Geron

K House is a house celebrating the plasticity of concrete.Light and green pours on the concrete walls accentuating their depth.

Porro S.p.A.
Neve, a seat with rigorous yet soft lines, reinterprets the classic wooden chair in a contemporary vein. The support structure is characterised by a format of distinct lines of various thicknesses, which give it a ple...


10. Hairpin House
photo_credit James Leng
James Leng

Studio J. Jih and Figure Transform Historic Boston Rowhouse With Sculptural, Cascading Staircase Boston-based architecture firm Studio J.Jih and San Francisco-based studio Figure have transfor...

Neva Chair Design
Artisan d.o.o.
The character of the Neva chair derives from the poetics of the wave, suggested by the continuous line that moves from the front leg to the arm and from the armrest to the back. And like a wave, the chair is totally f...