10 private houses with luxurious stone bathrooms

10 private houses with luxurious stone bathrooms
31 ene. 2023 Especificación

Elaborate marble, limestone masterpieces, opulent onyx or travertine sanctuaries; Stone bathrooms are the pinnacle of interior design. Having a luxurious stone-clad bathroom can add a touch of class and richness to your home.


Private residences around the world have taken the humble bathroom to the next level with beautiful stone baths, steam showers, and other extravagant amenities. Whether grand and ornate or simple and sleek, stone as a material, offers a luxurious texture as you take a hot shower or enjoy a long and relaxing bubble bath.


From the soft curves of polished granite to the shimmering beauty of quartz, the following list is a selection of ten private houses with stunning stone bathrooms that call for relaxing and staying in all day.


1. The Dream
photo_credit MIA BORGELIN

The calm Baltic Sea is visible through infinite windows, giving the effect of the water holding up the very foundations of the house. In a rationalist and simple architectural style, emphasis is placed on the symmetri...

Material worked as fine slabs with a large size and minimum thickness, which allows these pieces to be flexible and lightweight. Characteristics that allow their installation in curved areas with a radius of up to 35c...


2. Low Energy House
photo_credit Lorenzo Zandri
Lorenzo Zandri

An Edwardian terrace in Muswell Hill was extended and refurbished to create a comfortable, low energy house. The original structure of the house was revealed, its modest beauty celebrated.

Pietra di Vicenza
Pietra di Vicenza is the primary source material of Grassi Pietre’s production. Quarried in underground own-quarries on Berici Hills (Vicenza, Italy), it is used for remarkable projects all over the world.


3. House in Aveiro
photo_credit Ricardo Oliveira Alves
Ricardo Oliveira Alves

The project concerns the rehabilitation of an old small convent in the center of Aveiro, which has been converted into a single-family house. The plot consisted, initially, of the main house, a large garden an...

Branco Estremoz
The colour for demanding clients. Still white but with bigger light stones, originally from Alentejo in Portugal, which give to this colour extraordinary possibility to accent every interior.


4. Cove House
photo_credit Anson Smart
Anson Smart

Nestled amongst treetops and overlooking a serene coastal enclave, Cove House by Decus Interiors reimagines an existing family home with liveability and refined sophistication. In designing both alternations and addit...

Granite & Marble Works
Arabescato Vagli


5. Armadale Residence
photo_credit Timothy Kaye
Timothy Kaye

Interpreting the classic grandeur of old Armadale with contemporary detailing and form, Armadale Residence skillfully balances the demands of modern living with an enduring design sensibility.

Portsea Grey
CDK Stone
Portsea Grey is a standout honed limestone choice for modern bathrooms, floors, walls, slabs and kitchens.  Remaining current over lifetimes, it’s ideal for creating texture, depth and contrast. With rich l...


6. Diamond Tree

Designed and made by 3ndy Studio, Vigonovo (Venice), Diamond Tree was born from an architectural concept employing innovative materials, especially Lapitec®, and is centred around a ground-breaking vi...

Lapitec®'s Vesuvio is a tactile, smooth, yet finely-textured surface with anti-slip properties. It’s the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor cladding and for commercial and residential flooring.


7. IN House
photo_credit Revelateur Studio
Revelateur Studio

A custom home is a custom reflection of its inhabitants. Designed according to the lifestyle of its owner, IN House is home to a well-loved Toronto stylist, his wife, and his often-visiting, growing family. The contra...

Stone Tile International
THICKNESSES: 3.5mm & 5.6mm Available Sizes 50x50cm 50x100cm 100x100cm 100x300cm Available Finishes Natural


8. Canning Street Project
photo_credit Tom Blachford
Tom Blachford

A contemporary design yet sympathetic to the Victorian era of the existing house. A new pavilion structure with a dramatic roof form creates a strong connection to the outdoors & maximises natural light. Tranquili...

Like its namesake metal that has forever been a symbol of prestige and dependability, Platinum presents a highly consistent neutral finish that is perfectly suited for use as a clean canvas for a wide range of room sc...


9. A7 Apartment

Urban-contemporary and yet different? That's exactly how we would describe A7 Apartment, a project completed earlier this year. The Pure-Mess team's approach is that of an urban-contemporary s...

Iseo MDi
Natural materials in a pure state inspire the surface of Iseo. Its design is evocative of newly-quarried conglomerate rocks. Iseo sums up the charm and variety of nature merged with the latest style and trends.


10. Loft M50
photo_credit Jana Sebestova Photography
Jana Sebestova Photography

Located in a pleasant courtyard in the city centre, Loft M50 is the result of the conversion of a portion of a building originally used as a car body workshop.In order to obtain a wider and well-proportioned flo...

Vives Ceramica
Model: Wha-RSize: 15x15 cm (5.9x5.9 in)Thickness: 8mmMaterial type: Porcelain

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