10 vibrant pouffes adding a touch of comfort to workplaces
Garrett Rowland

10 vibrant pouffes adding a touch of comfort to workplaces

29 ene. 2023  •  Especificación  •  By Surabhi Patil

The workplace doesn’t have to be a place of total austerity. In fact, a few well-chosen pieces of furniture can make all the difference in transforming it into a space of comfort and productivity. Pouffes are the perfect addition to any office.


These vibrant and soft pieces of furniture are not only visually appealing, but they offer a great way to relax and take a break from the desk. Not only that, but they allow people to move around the office, choosing the ideal spot for their work activities. Available in a range of sizes and styles, pouffes are extremely handy and can easily be tucked away under a desk or table when not in use. 


From classic designs to eye-catching colours, these pouffes are sure to make any workspace feel more inviting and comfortable. Choose one, or a few, to brighten up your office space. The following list is a selection of ten colourful pouffes that can add a touch of comfort to any workplace.


1. Casper Headquarters
photo_credit James Ewing
James Ewing

The new headquarters for Casper, the global sleep company, translates the brand's playful and dreamy aesthetic within an office building. Through an intelligent planning strategy and vibrant materiality, the design su...

Five Pouf
The Five Pouf is a versatile, easy-to-use design that is both comfortable and contemporary. With a pentagon shape and linear detailing contrasted against curved edges, the Five Pouf is a unique item that can be used a...


2. IHK Berlin
photo_credit Jan Kapitän
Jan Kapitän

Due to the constantly changing requirements for companies, their premises and their employees, we were commissioned to redesign the HR department of the IHK Berlin.

Born from their fascination with the smooth pebbles of rivers, inspired by natural elements, the modular seating KIPU is a further step in the evolution of the lounge area starting at lapalma at the Salone del Mobile...


3. Board of Innovation
photo_credit Thomas Noceto
Thomas Noceto

Who is Board of Innovation?Board of Innovation is an international consulting firm specializing in business design and innovation strategy. Their consultants prioritize impact and use each clien...

Pouf, coffee table and tray in one. The multifunctional DRUM are perfect for the modern living space where flexibility is key. Put the tray on top of the pouf for a stylish coffee table and remove it if you need an ex...


4. Parfums Christian Dior
photo_credit Seignette Lafontan
Seignette Lafontan

The Kosmo complex near Pont de Neuilly, facing La Défense, contains the new headquarters of Parfums Christian Dior, for about 1300 employees of the LVMH group. With 14 stories and an area of about 20,000 sqm in...

Arper SPA
Graphic silhouette and color define the soft, generous volumes of Pix. A family of ottomans, at once inviting and iconic, Pix provides a casual touch of comfort in both contract and residential environments. ...


5. Regus 700 Nathan Road

The Nathan Road centre is located in Hong Kong at the intersection of the Nathan Road and Mong Kok Road. Mong Kok is one of the major shopping areas in Hong Kong. The area is characterized by a mixture of old and new...

Casalis BVBA
Pouffes, plaids (throws) and cushions, from the first Casalis soft furnishing collection by Liset van der Scheer. Covers, plaids (throws) and cushions are knitted in 100% merino wool and available in dozens of colourw...


6. LGM’s Vancouver Head Office
photo_credit Ema Peter
Ema Peter

Gearing up for a transition, LGM’s CEO needed a change of space DIALOG Vancouver’s interior design team recently won the ‘Best Tenant Improvement’ award for the new LGM Financial Services I...

Ile Pouf
The Ile series of ottomans share the same undercut prominent on the U Turn lounge chair. This detail is not only a visual feature that lightens the look of the piece it also provides foot space making sitting down and...


7. EXPO Business TLV
photo_credit Shai Epstein
Shai Epstein

Expo Tel Aviv, Israel’s leading international Convention Center, is located in the city of Tel Aviv, the country’s center for commerce and culture. The Convention Center is eco-friendly and was developed a...

Saba Italia
The new Geo pouf is an accessory that can be placed in any home and contract environment. It is a versatile element that can connect with diverse styles with a simple change of upholstery and choice of exclusive fabri...


8. Alki Offices
photo_credit Mito Photography
Mito Photography

The business world is changing, placing the main focus on the workspace layout. Following images show the office building that provides employees with a wide variety of spaces intended to be a wellness generator. The...

Egon Pouffes
A collection of three rounded, individual pouffes.  The pouffe, split in two parts, is made up of an extended wooden base...


9. Smarp Offices
photo_credit Esa Kapila
Esa Kapila

Mint & More Creative designed a comfy office home for Smarp, a young and international start-up working on their knowledge-sharing platform. Smarp had grown out of their old office, and they found a new office in...

The Buddy collection made up of contemporary and versatile elements, is featured by a contrast betwe...


10. Cofidis
photo_credit spacesandplaces.pt

In Portugal since 1996, Cofidis has been a reference company in the sale and management of credit to individuals, with around one million customers in our country and 750 employees. The move to the new headquarters in...

BuzziCube 3D
Sound absorbing 3D poufA high-design pouf that is unique in its class thanks to its revolutionary form and high-tech production process. The 3D foam covered with a variety of BuzziSp...