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FerroFinestra W40
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The FerroFinestra W40 range consists of 18 steel profiles and follows the unmistakable design of the 20th Century hot-rolled steel profiles, whose slender and elegant lines seduced all European architecture, overcoming its technical limits, first of all the inadequate water- and airtightness and the strong restrictions on the choice of the glazing.

The strong point of this series is the increased profile depth, which allows to accommodate double glazing up to a thickness of 27 mm.

Despite the depth of this system is only of 42 respectively 47 mm, technically it is considered a “heavy duty” range, which allows making large windows thanks to the extraordinary strength of steel.

Windows crafted from Ottostumm distinctive FerroFinestra® W40 profile ranges are ideal for historical renovation but fascinating also for new high-end residential and boutique commercial buildings. Their slender lines appear to lose weight and give lightness to the frames, emphasizing the transparency of a façade.

FerroFinestra® W40 profiles are the basic components for a large variety of open inwards and outwards casements: side-hung, double-vent (French style), bottom-hung, top-hung or projected top-hung, horizontally and vertically pivoted windows, as well as large sliding and folding doors.

The somatic marker of this classic suite is the “stepped” design of the flanges. This detail confers windows nice proportions and shadow lines and allows to achieve a glass pane planarity between fixed and operable windows.

Features of W40: 1. Solid hot rolled steel profiles 2. “Stepped leg” design 3. Material thickness up to 5 mm 4. Very compact profiles with minimal depth and sightlines 5. Self-adhesive non-shrinking gaskets 6. Low emissivity double-glazing up to 27 mm 7. Choice of different glazing beads 8. Appropriate for heavy-duty corrosion protection

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