Oahu Modern Commercial Recycling or Trash Receptacle
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Oahu Modern Commercial Recycling or Trash Receptacle
Tom Boyce
United States
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Oahu 21 Recycling or Trash Receptacle
17" L X 18.75"W x 42.5" H
Oahu 21 Combination Recycling and Trash Receptacle
30.5" L x 18.75"W x 42.5" H
Oahu 33 Recycling or Trash Receptacle
23" square x 42.5" H
Oahu 33 Combination Recycling and Trash Receptacle
42.75" L x 23" W x 42.5" H

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DeepStream Designs handcrafts Audubon and Oahu modern commercial recycling and trash receptacles in Miami, based on the principles of Sustainable Design.  Constructed with trademark proprietary marine-anodized aluminum extrusions and 316 stainless steel, it is backed by a Lifetime Structural Warranty, and there is no paint or powder coating to fail.

A Designer's dream, DeepStream's unique system of quick-change slide-in panels means you have a design palette limited only by your imagination. Each receptacle can be tailored to a project's special needs, indoors or outside, even in salty waterfront locations with both passive and active corrosion resistance, as found on aluminum ships and yachts. Wood, realistic 4th generation recycled plastic lumber, signage, photographs, economical laminates, and designer panels like 3form Eco-Resin, natural slate, and ATI aluminum are just some of materials available to give your project a unique look. 

The modern Audubon and Oahu Receptacles are available in single to triple bin configurations with customizable front openings for trash and recycling with a 316 stainless steel hinged lid. The Oahu is the same as an OPUS receptacle, except that it has doors mounted on 316 stainless steel hinges designed and manufactured by DeepStream that can be positioned on either side for ergonomic access to the leakproof plastic inner bin. Every part is replaceable at DeepStream's direct cost through our unique "Core Replacement Program," so damaged bins can be easily repaired and refreshed. 

The rugged 100% recycled LLDPE plastic inner bins rest on an open aluminum grid that gives dirt and pests no place to hide. Choose a "no-touch" front opening or marine aluminum push flaps that spin on replaceable, silent Delrin bushings for millions of trouble free cycles every year. Hospitality venues, theme parks, shopping centers, and restaurants especially love Recycled Plastic Lumber (HDPE) panels, as they require no maintenance, won't absorb food or drink stains, won't fade in the sun, and can be sanitized with a pressure cleaner.  Recycled Plastic Lumber also helps reduce tropical rainforest deforestation that leads to global warming and climate change.  

Tropical hardwood looks especially handsome and rich indoors; however, it is now the third most popular choice after (1) Recycled Plastic Lumber and (2) 3form Eco-resin panels, which are chosen by many hotels and airports for a natural, durable, wipe-clean modern look.

Popular options include custom fixed or swinging push flaps, leveling feet, food tray return tops, and Smokers Outposts.  The most requested option is hidden caster wheels attached to the "bomb-proof" base provided by our integral aluminum frame.

One receptacle or 100, each is built just for you. Call Sheila at (305) 857-0466 to discuss your requirements.



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