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After three years of research and development, Factory Furniture, based in Oxfordshire, have just launched their latest addition to the public furniture range –OSSO3

“We wanted to produce a bold design which would sit as an organic element in the landscape. The pieces inspired by bone composition utilises a structure achieved with a Voronoi pattern to achieve the water cut structure before undergoing a technically demanding manual bending process The Osso is a culmination of many specialists all working at the edge of their field”, said Design Director, Dean Harvey.

Key benefits include

• Ability to see any concealed baggage for security conscious public spaces •Weight reduction of the structure • Free draining seat area • Produced in a range of steels from stainless to corten or coated any wear resistant colour. To complement the Osso³ and Osso bench can be used as a dramatic stand-alone bench or arranged to provide more social spaces sitting perfectly in street and town locations as well as shopping and airport malls. Other key benefits include weight reduction, ability to see any concealed baggage for security conscious public spaces, free draining seat area and it can be coated in any wear resistant colour as well as being manufactured in a range of materials.

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