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Encimeras de cocina
Compuesto, Acrylic
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No matter what type of temple you dwell in, this modern update on classic beige is sure to please every goddess, god and mere mortal.

● Content: Acrylic, aluminum trihydrate filler, and pigment
● Construction: Mineral-filled and cast. Homogeneous

● Format: Panel / Sheet
● Size: 144in x 30in
● Overall Thickness: 0.5in

● Indoor & Outdoor: Indoor
● Applications: Countertop, wall cladding, partitions, architectural elements, shaped products (sinks, tubs, shower pans). Suitable for healthcare settings, senior living facilities, educational spaces, dormitories, multi-family dwellings, hospitality businesses, food service, retail, entertainment venues, marine, aviation, and transportation.
● Durability: Heavy Duty
● Installation: Can be machined with woodworking tools and is thermoformable. If installing horizontally, support with MDF, wood, or metal. Do not use full underlayment. Leave gaps to allow for expansion and contraction. Refer to Fabrication Guide for more information.
● Suitable Substrates: For vertical installations, use moisture resistant drywall, tile backer board, or other cement type wall board. Existing tile walls, if totally dry and sound may be used. A full substrate is not required for horizontal applications.
● Recommended Adhesive: Use solid surface seam adhesive to join material to itself. When attaching to dissimilar materials, use a flexible adhesive, such as 100% silicone. Adhesives can be color matched.
● Maintenance: Cleaning with soapy water or ammonia-based cleansers will remove most dirt and stains. Stubborn stains can be removed with a multi-surface cleaner, bleach, bleach-based cleansers or nonabrasive cleansers. Refer to Care and Maintenance document for more information.

● Flammability: ASTM E84-08 Tested. Surface Burning FSI=15, SDI=10, Class A. Passes ANSI Z124.1.2-2005 Cigarette Test. Passes ANSI Z124.1.2-2005 Ignition Test - Less than 30 seconds.
● Lightfastness: Passes ANSI Z124.1.2-2005 Color Fastness - 1.21. NEMA LD3-2000 Light Resistance (Xenon Arc) Tested. No Effect.
● Tensile Strength: ASTM D638-10 Tensile Strength Tested. 45.6 MPa/6,614 psi. ASTM D638-10 Elongation at Break Tested. 0.66%. ASTM D638-10 Tensile Modulus Tested. 9840 MPa / 1,427,174 psi.
● Stain Resistance: Passes ANSI Z124.1.2-2005 Stain Resistance - 41 Rating
● Water Resistance: Passes ANSI Z124.1.2-2005 Water Resistance - 1 Rating
● Water Absorption: ASTM D570-98(2010) Water Absorption Tested. 0.27%
● Antimicrobial Testing: ASTM G21 Fungal Tested. Does not support microbial growth. ASTM G22 Bacteria Tested. Does not support bacterial growth.
● Impact Resistance: ASTM D5420-10 Impact Strength Tested. Mean Failure Height 872mm, Mean Failure Energy 7.70J
● Emissions: Low VOC emission
● Flexural Strength: ASTM D790-10A Flexural Strength Tested. 9,413 ps
● Hardness: ASTM D2583-07 Barcol Hardness - 68
● Dimensional Stability: ASTM D696 Thermal Expansion Tested. 3.49 x 10 -5 in/in/ C (2.08 x 10 -5 in/in/°F)

● Certificates & Standards: GREENGUARD & GREENGUARD Gold UL2818 Certified, NSF 51 Certified, HPD available
● LEED: Can contribute to LEED certification

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