USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring System
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USG Celebration™ Torsion Spring System
USG Corporation
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Metal, Aluminium

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Combines a monolithic look with easy access to the plenum through the hinged downward accessible panels provided by an engineered design and torsion springs. Celebration™ Torsion Spring System provides a clean, no reveal look that completely hides the suspension system as well as maintain superior panel alignment throughout the ceiling system. The well thought out system is a sensible choice to demonstrate the beauty and precision of your design while still providing the ease of usability that torsion spring system provides.


• Aluminum panels provide a monolithic appearance.
• Full 90-degree swing-down motion provides easy downward access to plenum areas.
• Spring clip design provides superior panel alignment.
• No reveal.
• Wind load tested and approved, including Miami-Dade NOA, for exterior applications with proper bracing and framing.

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