Acero Dental Office

Acero Dental Office

Henderson, NV 89015, USA | View Map
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Acero Dental Office

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The building houses two independant  dental facilites on seperate levels. The second level, occupied by the building owner, provides several exam rooms, restrooms, reception lobby, waiting lounge, equipment room, storage rooms, employee lounge, a priate outdoor gathering deck, and a private office. 

The project is located within a heavily used arterial street in Henderson, NV. Surrounding office complexes are primarily medical, with a hospital in the immediate vicinity. Adjacent to the site is a fire station to serve the businesses. The site provides a distant view to the Las Vegas Strip and into the Black Mountains. 

Sited prominently at the intersection, the faceted second level becomes the sign of the business. Differing in form and material, the building itself serves as a recognizable image for the business and the intersection.

Respecting the history of the fire station hose tower, the vertical circulation is pulled out of the office massing to create a symbolic image.


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