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Barn House

Barn House

Nefa Architects
Trubacheevka, Moscow region, Russia | View Map
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Ilya Ivanov

Barn House

Nefa Architects como Arquitectos

Developing this project architects tried to make architecture that does not stand out but is integrated into the surrounding. Simplicity and profoundness of the old muscovite village’s style attracted with its homogeneity. Usage of 100year old wood brought from the Russian North for the facades was more like a grotesque gesture in pursuit of some way to camouflage the new building within the nature, however it worked really organically.

In a 180sq.m house along with traditional materials like terrazzo marble floors and floor based fireplace made out of upcycled 150year old chamotte bricks, some innovative technologies were used for roof membrane system.


Material Used :
1. Facade cladding: Vintage upcycled wood - Greyboard
2. Flooring: Natural marble terrazzo 
3. Doors: Sliding doors/windows - steklokompozit.ru   
4. Roofing: Vintage upcycled wood - Greyboard

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Facade cladding: Vintage upcycled wood, Roofing: Vintage upcycled woodGreyboard
Doors: Sliding doors/windowssteklokompozit
Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Facade cladding: Vintage upcycled wood, Roofing: Vintage upcycled wood
por Greyboard
Doors: Sliding doors/windows
Nataly Bolshakova’s Family Home
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Nataly Bolshakova’s Family Home

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near Kyiv, Ukraine - Construcción Completada en 2021
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