Canelos Apartment

Canelos Apartment

RIMA Arquitectura
Mexico City, CDMX, Mexico | View Map
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Frank Lynen

Canelos Apartment

RIMA Arquitectura como Arquitectos

This 300 sq m apartment located on the west area of Mexico City is a full interior design lesson that shows the functional and aesthetic possibilities of an open space, loft style, which integrates in a sober and harmonic way the private areas.


The entrance hall is a well-polished contemporary space written on its finishes such as black and grey granite floor and charcoal steel plate in contrast with the light and dark woods and where the highlight is a sculpture. The splendid natural light and the surrounding nature are hallmarked by the dramatic black plafond.


In this project, a social area for people with very urban life style and interested in receiving visual and aesthetic stimulation every day, was developed. This area has multiple uses with a bar, a pool area and a table for games that were integrated to the style of the whole concept. The surrounding of the social space is a series of brackets that become a cover of Salam wood with indirect light emanating from inside. Other attractive elements are the decorative lighting fixtures suspended on top of the tables and the pedestal pieces in the living room.


The private area of the apartment has three bedrooms with bathroom and dressing rooms; the master bedroom has a terrace. The unique architecture of the private area sets an interior space of great formal beauty, which naturally relates to the landscape that surrounds the building. The master bathroom differs from the rest by the neutrality of its color range and use of marble.

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