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Tito Trueba

Cova07 | I seek to intervene in a neighborhood in Mexico City that has survived time and where as a user you identify through its stories, with a contemporary proposal with total respect for space by DF Arquitectos

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The main objective was to design a building that, due to its current configuration, works within the dynamics of the city.
We seek to intervene in a neighborhood that has survived time
Cova 07 is a contemporary proposal regarding its use; in the formal part, it uses current materials with a total respect for space
At the same time it is discreet; We do not try to make the neighborhood and the user interpret it as a massive intervention or to deteriorate the essence of the building. It is a very well studied balance.

 We propose a building of 14 houses, all with spaces integrated into the context, taking advantage of natural lighting to reach all interior spaces, the use of warm finishes, with a mixture of apparent materials, makes a pleasant space to inhabit. Between trees of the roads, interior patios, light cubes, exterior circulations, make this project unique in the area, due to the size of the houses and the services it also offers, a business center, a gym, terraces and a multiple uses on the ground floor, in a dynamic way connected to each other.
The integration with the environment was sought with planters on the façade that would give continuity to the ash and jacaranda trees that inhabit the pedestrian thoroughfare, the views from the inside are green at all times.
The aim was to achieve a façade that would determine the new growth of the San Rafael neighborhood, respecting the horizontality of the mezzanines, taking advantage of some structural and other ornamental elements, giving some privacy to the interior spaces but also achieving a very transparent facade in terms of lighting and ventilation with large windows on the 4 facades of the building, the main one, the rear one and those in the central courtyard.


Design: DF Arquitectos 



team: Alonso de la Fuente, Andrei Lepiavka, Andrés Vivanco, Fernanda López, Mario Climent, Elan Sandoval, Bidasari Ortega, Isaac García, Lázaro Benavides

Lighting designer: ILWT | Miguel  Vega

Photo: Tito Trueba

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