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ElementoMarcaNombre Del Producto
Stainless steelConsulte Vendas
Metal tiles with thermal-acoustic insulation, Container moduleThermo-acoustic panel, Container moduleLafaete
Built-in lampsTempluz

Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
por Almma
por Colormix
Stainless steel
Metal tiles with thermal-acoustic insulation, Container moduleThermo-acoustic panel, Container module
por Lafaete
Built-in lamps
por Templuz

Estúdio Lapinha

plano livre como Arquitectos

The architectural design of Estúdio Lapinha was conceived to be executed in two stages. The first was the construction of a modular housing inside two containers, exhibited at CASACOR Minas 2021. The second will be completed after its disassembly and reassembly in Lapinha da Serra, where it will serve as accommodation.

photo_credit Henrique Queiroga
Henrique Queiroga

The construction process guided the project. Two container modules were attached laterally, their industrialized components exposed without camouflage. The hydraulics are concentrated in one wall, creating the infrastructural module. This strategy, apart from reducing costs, frees the rest of the space. Therefore, the other container is a flexible, indeterminate module, a free plan, which, in this edition, receives Estúdio Lapinha’s furniture.

photo_credit Henrique Queiroga
Henrique Queiroga

Inside, profiles on the floor and ceiling tie up the containers encounter loose frieze and facilitate decoupling for transport. To reveal the construction system, the materials and colours differentiate the flexible from the infrastructural module. The first is green and lodges the double bed and the naval plywood joinery.

photo_credit Henrique Queiroga
Henrique Queiroga

The second is earthy orange in the kitchen and blue in the ensuite. Partition walls separate the sink from the shower and toilet tub, optimizing the use of this area. The shower stall is a hybrid space as it is connected to the external deck by a glass door. The guest enjoys the view even while showering.

photo_credit Henrique Queiroga
Henrique Queiroga

The landscape is the protagonist. The space is built for contemplation. Wide glass doors dissolve the boundaries between exterior and interior. The tones bring nature into this refuge.

photo_credit Henrique Queiroga
Henrique Queiroga

In addition to being a single physical space, the project embraces the idea of generating a system. For this reason, Estúdio Lapinha is a prototype that can be expanded, replicated and implanted in other contexts. Different arrangements of containers create different spaces for different experiences to be lived there.


Material Used:
1. Facade cladding: Thermo-acoustic panel, Container module, Lafaete Locações
2. Flooring: Tiles, Rojizo and Vodevil Nube, Colormix / Vynil, Marrom Mascavo, Almma Design
3. Doors & Windows: Double glazing and aluminum, External doors and window, Allum & Vetro Vidraçaria
4. Roofing: Metal tiles with thermal-acoustic insulation, Container module, Lafaete Locações
5. Interior lighting: Built-in lamps, Templuz
6. Interior furniture: Plywood, Marei Móveis
7. Kitchen countertop: Stainless steel, Prática Consulte Vendas

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