Foster Loop

Foster Loop

Prentiss Balance Wickline Architects
Mazama, Winthrop, Washington, USA | View Map
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Steve Keating

Foster Loop

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Located in Mazama, Washington, the site was enjoyed by the family for many years as a campground. The design minimizes impact to the environment by raising the residence off the ground with small concrete piers and placing the house between stands of trees, as one would a tent. Accessed by a slightly elevated walk, the entry opens up to a 1 1/2 story living space and kitchen which are anchored by a centrally located fireplace and the stair. Upstairs on the second floor are "tent like" bedrooms – lowwalls create a cozy atmosphere. Both ends of the residence have indoor/outdoor spaces, including a deck and elevated catwalk that runs between the trees and across a small valley – directly to a hill the clients consider their favorite spot on the site.


Material Used :

1. Havillah Shake Co. – Reclaimed lumber – 8x8 columns
2. Western Red Cedar – "Dolly Varden" patterned wood siding – painted in Cabot’s "Barn Red" exterior paint
3. Jenisys Engineering – corrugated metal roofing and siding – Galvalume finish
4. Milgard Windows – aluminum windows
5. Eagle Windows & Doors – aluminum doors (patio door and sidelite)
6. Havillah Shake Co. – reclaimed wood flooring – 1x4 tongue-and-groove fir
7. Majestic Fireplaces – wood fireplace – Model SHR36
8. Abolite – interior pendant light – RD200

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Aluminum doors (patio door and sidelite)Eagle Windows
Reclaimed wood flooring – 1x4 tongue-and-groove firHavillah Shake Co.
Wood fireplace – Model SHR36Majestic
Aluminum windowsMilgard Windows & Doors
Hoja De Especificaciones Del Producto
Aluminum doors (patio door and sidelite)
Reclaimed wood flooring – 1x4 tongue-and-groove fir
Wood fireplace – Model SHR36
por Majestic
Aluminum windows
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